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If you value your life and/or your reproductive organs you will not say a single word about the game.

Yes, I will hold up my end of the bet. Give me time to get my fist out of the tv, ok?


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1 1/2 games, yo.

A small victory for the Bosox. I hope this won't be the gentle art of making enemies.
Think kind thoughts of the fans who are in their eighty-fifth try for their sixth championship. If you're at the Stadium on Sunday don't join in on the 19-18 cheer.

Don't worry Michele, the only true sport left starts up officially tomorrow...

not saying a word...

What game? snicker

Does this mean I don't have to start my own blog? Hooray!

Being careful not to er, mention the outcome, did you notice Clemons gesturing as if to blame Jorge Posada for the first BoSox home run?

Mr. Class strikes again...