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say what?

So, the guy who brought us the twin towers as a swastika now brings us the twin towers as Coke bottles. I'm sure it has something to do with consumerism and America being the land of capitalist pigs but I'm not sure because his writing style is stultifying.

If someone could translate this overwrought paragraph into plain English, perhaps we could understand what Mr. Self-Important Creative Writing Major is saying:

It is unfortunate for us, the conned, the consumer and the consumed, we here ignore the great lessons looming before us -- that, from these telegenically cleansed dead we make increased idolatries to that aggressive propitiation for which they here, experienced but an iota of the full measure of consequence -- that we here blithely empurple these dead through didactic commercialization; that the nation, shall trade platitudes for latitude, so that commodification of the devastation by the government for the corporation, shall forever degrade memory’s worth.

I think he is saying that things go better with Coke. What do you make of it?


What do I make of it? Print it out and use it to line the bird cage, that's what I make of it.


Did Jesse Jackson ghost-author that?


That sounds like a word more appropriate to bad softcore porn: "He knew if she kept this up for longer, she would empurple his penis."

Somebody call the Thesaurus Police, I think we have an abuser.

I have not the first clue how to translate that trash.

Speaking of "trash," it's pseudo-intellectuals like this that piss us white trash off the most.

I must agree with David. If you have to do something with this drivel, print it out and use it for spare toilet paper.

Coca Cola? Swastikas? I wonder if was a reference to this.

If you say "empurple" in a sort of Billy Crystal-like silly voice (like when he was being a goof in When Harry Met Sally) it is kinda funny. That's about all I got out of his statement, other than that he is a pompous ass who doesn't have a clue what he's saying most of the time.

This must be Mark Morford's new apprentice-understudy!

I think most european countries are much less commercially driven than the USA because they don't produce crap worth buying. And when they do, they advertize them here because we have the money to buy the crap. I'm surprised they haven't morphed the towers into a couple of SUV's.

Just who is degrading memory's worth again?

I can sum it up in one word. Tripe.

He's parodying the Gettysburg Address. It is for us the living..., "It is unfortunate for us, the conned..."; ...that from these honored dead we take increased devotion..., "from these telegenically cleansed dead we make increased idolatries...". Et fucking cetera.

Other than that, he's saying that the WTC dead died on the altar of consumerism, that we (well, rather, YOU, of course, not him) are all mindless sheep, and that Arthur C. Clarke's definition of an intellectual (someone educated beyond his intelligence) is not without merit.

I just wanna barf again.

I, too, am having difficulties contextualizing the dialectic of his discourse. I AM SMART.

"I think he is saying that things go better with Coke. What do you make of it?"

Due to unseen circumstances and expediting, I hesitate to prognosticate, for fear the essence of my solution to be a fabulous assumption.

IOW, hell if I know.

I have no problem with people creating whatever "art" they see fit to make, but at least have a point. "Things go better with Coke" was the first thing I thought of too! Hehe. :)

Looking at this one just made me thirsty for a Coke. Dunno what the intent was.

Paragraph? That thing is only ONE sentence long.

Yeah, I think he was trying to be clever but I wondered why he wanted to advertise coke?

Maybe he's a Pepsi man. Either that, or he's remarking on how much happier and fulfilled we'd all be working on collective farms or chopping sugar cane for Comrade Fidel at $1.25 a month and all of the brown rice you can eat. That'd put an end to the horror of all this consumerism, wouldn't it?

No, he's saying, "Look at me. I'm smarter than all of you. Peons."

We could, I suppose, take up a collection to get the period key on his keyboard fixed. It obviously--and I mean this sincerely--doesn't, in fact, work, leaving him to resort--and he has no other choice--to other forms of punctuation; why, exactly, do things go better with Coke, anyway?

Art Boy missed a trick. Bottles of Mecca Cola would have been much more annoying.

This is incoherant crap....Typical condescending yammering about the evils of comsumerism. I actually WORK for my living, pay my taxes, meet my finacial obligations, give to charity, help friends/ family in need if necessary..so whatever else I do with my f@#king money is my f@#king business, and as I am not on the US taxpayers dole I do not owe anyone but God an accounting of how many coca colas I buy,especially not this commie.

Well, he wants to push our buttons...but it doesn't really work without a coherent thought. We're pretty much just laughing at his ass.

Wait, it's that intellectual stuff I've been hearing about. You know, how liberal minded folks is all smarter than us and have all these subtle nuances (did I spell that right?) all mixed into their ideas and arguments...things that yore average person just can't comprehend. Oooooeeeee! Dig dis:

"from these telegenically cleansed dead we make increased idolatries to that aggressive propitiation for which they here,"

Nope, my mistake. He's just a dumb ass.