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moonbats: the gathering

Hot on the heels of Michael Meacher's conspiracy theory laden piece on 9/11 in today's Guardian, comes word that the tin foil hat brigade will be gathering in Berlin on Sunday to discuss how Bush "facilitated" the attacks.

Among the speakers will be America's own Cynthia McKinney, who told a reporter, Who else knows ... why were the innocent people of New York not warned.

One of the organizers, Nicholas Levis from New York, said the conference was encouraged by the fact that a recent opinion poll showed 19 per cent of Germans believed the US government may have given the order for the September 11 attacks.

Want to know more about these wingnuts who call themselves the 9/11 Truth Alliance? They are the ones who believe that a plane never really crashed into the Pentagon. They are endorsed by fellow foil friends Unanswered Questions.

And they aren't the skeptics out there. There's 9/11 coverup. And there's Barbara Honegger, who claims that the U.S. set the date for the attacks. The endless theories about Flight 93.

Oh, in case you haven't heard, the movie 2001 not only predicted 9/11 but that prediction also led to the death of Stanley Kubrick.

There's all kinds out there. It's unfortunate that people like Cynthia McKinney, who once represented the U.S. government and Michael Meacher, who once represented Britian's government, give credence to all these theorists.

It seems to me that there is a mass of people out there who want nothing more than to bring down Bush, lies and truth be damned. They probably don't even believe half of what they appear to support. They will align themselves with the strangest of people if that person has something bad to say about Bush. That is the agenda of the far left. Not truth. Not saving the world. Just hating Bush. Nothing more, nothing less.


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You're absolutely correct, but bringing down Clinton was also the primary agenda of the far right for eight years.

Civility has left the building, and it's hard to see it coming back anytime soon...

Why can't these people see the obvious truth that the garden gnomes were behind all this. Everyone knows they hate tall buildings.

I find it puzzling that, with a perfectly good, well understood conspiracy in plain sight (al-Qaeda, of course), these folks had to go looking for another one -- and came up with one not nearly as vicious and completely implausible.

Oh, well. Once an ICBMs (Incoherent Conference of Barking Moonbats) is launched, we here on the ground can never be perfectly sure where it will land.


Why'd they come up with a different conspiracy theory? It had THE WRONG BED GUYS!

For these people, its always someone in our own society, or the the government that actually run things. We CAN'T actually be in control of our own lives.

Yep that's me, though I'd say "hate" is too strong a word.
I Dislike Very Much the entire Bush Family all the way back to Prescott.
I don't trust them, though I seriously doubt Bush was anything more than negligent as regards 9/11.
The US created bin Laden and al-Qaeda, not GW Bush personally.
Not sure why I'm airing this on a site that doesn't engage in speculation but rather accepts the answers given without question.
Not a judgement there, just an observation.
Of course I love this blog, it's so deliciously rightsided.
Lefters are boring.


Why do you assume Michele and the posters on this site don't engage in speculation? Has it occurred to you that we've quickly questioned the "answers" and found them to be the most logical and highly, highly probable answers among a choice of highly, highly improbable answers. Occam's razor, buddy.

And, BTW, while I and others are "deliciously rightsided", there are alot of posters that are centrists (slightly left or right).

Not even going to comment on the "US created... al-Qaeda" statement.... would take to long for me to explain why you'd be wrong.

US created al-Queda? WTF drugs are on you mate. That is just such total bullshit its almost amusing. Yes, the US helped those fighting the Soviets in Afganistan but say the US created the bunch of murderous thugs that is known as al-Queda is just crap. That is like saying the Koran created them...yeesh.

Cynthia McKinney in Germany?? She's gonna have to talk fast...she has classes to teach back at Cornell, that fine institution of higher learning. Oh, yes, I'm certain they're tickled to death she's exposing them dirty J-E-W-S over in the Fatherland before hurrying back to enlighten the undergrads. I'm sure the trustees and alumni are thrilled, too.

Oh the moonbats of the night! What sweet barks they make!

So... off topic I admit, but I am curious about the WW WoD reference. What character classes would there be in Moonbats: the Gathering?

My favorite name from among the "9-11 Truth Alliance" speakers: Eckart Spoo. That just cracks me up.

It's nice when you can find even a little levity within the midst of a bunch of wingnuts and dipshits who make your blood boil with anger. Just repeat the name...Eckart Spoo...Eckart Spoo...Eckart Spoo...

JFH wrote:

Why do you assume Michele and the posters on this site don't engage in speculation?

Why, because we don't come to bsti's conclusions. So we therefore must not be speculating/accept everything at face value/blah-blah yakity schmackity... :-)

Serious question: I know a lot of left loonies who claim that no fighters were scrambled after the first plane hit the WTC on 9/11, using that as a basis of their theory that the US was behind the attack. Is their info correct?

Why would they immediately scramble fighters in response to what initially appeared to be a horrible freak accident? Even without the second plane, it would've taken a while to ascertain that it was a deliberate attack and that an ongoing security threat existed.

Thing is, we haven't had scads of fighters on 24/7 alert for a LONG time now - ever since the USSR imploded. We have a few that are used for air interdiction of drug runners, and they WERE scrambled, rumor to the contrary. And the ones that WERE on alert were too far away. As I recall, they were launched and headed to New York, but arrived about five minutes too late for Plane #2.

Hell, after the horse left the barn - it was too late to lock the door.

The conspiracist conference was hosted by Tempodrom (business phone numbers), wich on Sept 21, 2003 will host another conference of an organization named the Islamic Community in Germany, the German branch of the islamofascist Muslim Brotherhood. Will "pro-New York, pro truth, pro-freedom and pro-world" (conspiracist conference website) Cynthia McKinney condemn this as what she described as "attempts by German neo-Nazis to take possession of this issue with their hateful ideology" or will she join that new reluctance to criticize Germany which developed among the anti-imperialists?

more at LGF

It was the garden gnomes? I thought Lenore got all of them? Lenore! Lenore! Look over here! Harald says the garden gnomes did it.

Actually, I found my answer to the fighter question at snapping turtle.