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I'm just experimenting. I'm feeling fickle these days.


OHHH. I like the blue -- and the sassy brunette! Very nice.

The brunette is a nice touch, but I'm not crazy about the black around the comment box and comment body. But the color scheme is tight.

I like the look. What a welcome surprise.

I dig that look, but instead of that chick, you should have pick of you with your hair in your face. Then leave that up and boom, that's a good look for the page..

Ditto Tom's comment.

I like it.

Clean, crisp and sassy as Margi said earlier.

I like the look - the blue is great!

One bizarre thing, though. The comments section, when I initially go into it, is formless and just has basic text. When I preview a comment, it looks more like I expect - the nicer text, the "peek-a-boo" brunette under the comments and so on. Once I hit post, though, it goes back to the same formless, blocky text look.

Ditto what ScottC said. It looks like your CSS isn't being applied to the comment diaply, only the comment preview.

And I think more weblogs should go to the slutty schoolgirl look. (I'm now being forced to type that my wife, over my shoulder, disagrees).

The "OHHH" in the 1st comment is very fitting, so yes, what MARGI said.

Very refreshing.

great photo! it looks very Nick Knight-ish...is it?

Mmmmmmmmmm sassy brunette!!!!

Something - words or a picture, before the posts start. The only change I'd recommend.


This is a nice scheme. As cute as the girl in the mini-skirt is though, I hafta agree with john hawkins that a partially obscured Michele might be even more fun...

Where? What are you people all talking about? I can't see the rest of the girl.

Oh. I see her now.

Who's Fickle and how do I get his job?