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Chris Muir's Day by Day

[click for bigger image]


I love Chris. What's not to love? He even sent a "thank you" e-mail to me when I blogrolled him.

Puny lil' ol' me. He THANKED me.

(P.S. I like the black accents on the page. Heh.)

Two things:

1) As soon as I saw this cartoon on his website, I knew I could count on it showing up here!

2) I wonder if he got the idea for his cartoon from my comment here on this site. From the comments section of "a burning building by any other name...":

"I hope you don't mind me plugging my new book here. It's called "A Bright Day Under the Sun", and it's about the last minutes of 10,000 French people and how they cooked to death under the sun.

"Granted, it may not really be what happened, but we're talking about 10,000 people far away. Who can really know what was going through their minds in the last minutes? We might as well make it up.

"They'll all be portrayed as victims of an uber-government called the EU, and they realize the futility of their socialistic ways, and spend their last minutes having wild, capitalistic sex!

"Posted by ScottC at August 22, 2003 01:50 AM"

Do I get any points for calling this first? ;-)

Oh, I think an American should write that book. About how all those French Senior Citizens (who are known only by the names of wines and cheeses) were partying and snorting coke and mainlinig heroin in an orgy of hedonism before they died. I mean, no one really knows what really happened to them, right?


Now that I think about it, yes, ScottC,I think I may
have recalled your analogy of the 10000 French and
used it-credit goes where credit's due!