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attention red sox lovers

All Bettors:

Please note that the bet this weekend is not for links, but for humiliation.

The loser has to wear the logo of the the opposing team (hat, t-shirt, jammies, etc.) and have photographic proof. And you have to smile in the picture!

Yes, I know what the score is right now. Don't be countin' those chickens, yo.


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Ok, wait, three games? Are we doing two out of three? And if I decide to take on this so called bet, where the hell am I going to get Yankees stuff? Why would I? A yankees hater disliker, have any of their paraphenalia?

Ok, there was supposed to be a strike through the hater.

Yeah, I'll take you up on this bet.

BTW, I've dedicated a post to you over at camedwards.com.

I'll also be sending you an email this weekend to talk about next week.

Go Sox!

2.5 games, yo. Yankees suck.

I hate to mention this, but the only way the Red Sox can really win this series is by sweeping. If they only win 2 of 3, the Yanks will still have a 4 1/2 game lead with the season dwindling away...

Sorry, can't take you up on this one. To quote my son when he showed up without a cap for Little League practice and was told he had to have a cap to participate and the only loaner available was a Yankees cap: "There's not enough shampoo in the WORLD for me to do that."

Sorry, my info was in error.

I thought to Yanks were still 5 1/2 up starting this series, but in fact it was only 3 1/2. With the Sox win last night it's now 2 1/2 - and George is starting to be George...

6-0 in the 4th... batting around on Clemens...

is it time to send that Red Sox bikini yet? :)

11 - 0!! 11 - 0!! 11 - 0!!!

This is getting interesting. The Red Sox really did appear confident today, looking not at all like a perennial loser who's behind in the standings once again. If I were a Yankee fan, I think I might be a little nervous...

Does anyone know where I could POSSIBLY find a red sox bikini?
Id pay just about anything for one.
Thanks For your help!

Yanks suk!