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big pimpin with the juice

Hey, I'm not just a pit bull. I'm a super hero with a dildo. And I'm going to save you from super-energized, drunk pimps.

Just call me Strap On Sally. Man, when I get together with the rest of those guys we are going to kick some drunk pimp ass.


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NYC? yu seem to be.
Need to read before decision.

Is that English?

yeah. sorta. Oh, "abit" this.

figure that one out.

you do know that there's a series of movies called "Strap-on Sally", don't you? that is soooooo 90's.

but still, it was interesting to see a train of 5 women doinking each other at the same time.

every time I read "super energized, drunk pimps" I laugh my ass off. I can imagine the visual. If anyone has had a good Red Bull & Vodka you know what I mean.

Michele, have you seen "American Pimp"?

I suggest some of these products.

Eh, I don't know. These products advertise themselves as "Pimp Juice," but mostly they're just sugar water. I'm going to wait until there's a product that's 100% fresh-squeezed pimp. Maybe Welch's will make one.