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from a child's eyes and heart

DJ wrote/drew these last year upon the first anniversary of 9/11. I thought a child's thoughts were worth repeating.

The one on your left is called Love. Click for bigger image.

2. Hero

3: Anniversary

He was nine when he wrote these. A year later, he still gets that wounded look on his face when someone mentions the World Trade Center. He still asks about that day. He still worries.

Have we changed? Sure we have. Mostly, our children have changed. We may not notice it now, but we will later. Their world is different than it was two years ago. Their future is different.

Anyone in America who thinks that their life was unaffected by that day lives in a vacuum.


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I'll never forget the first time I had to travel on business after 9/11. I told my son I was going on a trip and taking an airplane and he looked up at me with a frightened look on his face and said:

"Dad, you can't go on the airplane. They crash into the buildings!"

I nearly fell down.

Anyone in America who thinks that their life was unaffected by that day lives in a vacuum.

It's not a vacuum. If it only were, it wouldn't be so populous.

I was in Los Angeles on September 11. I'm not saying everyone in Los Angeles was unaffected. Repeat for the clueless: I am not saying everyone in Los Angeles was unaffected. I am not even saying most people in Los Angeles were unaffected.

But I encountered enough of them who were unaffected that I found myself taking the stereotype of the shallow Angeleno seriously for the first time in my life.

I wish it were a vacuum. I wish.

Not like I have to tell you, but give that kid a hug. He's just precious.

I love the way children write. There's not glamour or qualification in it. He's not attempting to make the words easier or snappier to read.
'I will express my feelings. I was sad.' Not my heart was so heavy I wondered if I could hold it in my chest. Not the sorrow I felt made the world seem a little darker. Those things are the way adults see things. He was sad, and that's all.
'My Grandpa is a hero because he cleaned up at ground zero.' You're damn right he is, and no other description or prose is required for that sentence to have the impact it deserves.

Give that kid a hug RIGHT NOW.

The whack some indymedia retard upside the head.

I still grieve. Lost 3 friends that day - Larry, Todd, and Steve, fellow Wolverines (Univ of Michigan). Dont know if I will be able to watch the Notre Dame game next saturday without getting shedding a tear.
The leaderless Samurai will grieve for the rest of his life, or until Wahaabi-inspired Islamofascism is totally defeated.
Keep up the good work with the Voices project.