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required reading.

via Instapundit:

First Class.

Go, read.


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I served with the Marines in the mid-80's as a Navy physician. This story comes as no suprise, in fact, this behavior is routine in the Marines - honor, honesty, humility. I was then and remain now humbled by the Corps and will always be proud of the small service I was able to provide these brave men and women.

I'm a veteran as well (USAF, Ret). I've never performed escort duty but I've served on many honor guard details. While stories of our fallen tug at my heart, this story seems suspect to me. The Urban Legends Reference Pages at Snopes.com tells of another story about a returning fallen Marine. While the details are largely different, this story has the same nagging flavor.

Take the name of the story's central character, Teri Merickel. Perhaps I'm too cynical after looking into so many apocryphal internet stories but it's just too close to "miracle" for these jaded eyes. I also question the part about the urn being carried aboard as it was reported. I have no personal experience or knowledge of how cremated remains are carried on an escort detail but it seems to me that they'd be more properly carried in a secure storage container of some sort to protect it from damage and gawking passersby.

Ah well, true or not, it's still a stirring story.