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religion of peace, part 45950

Instead of asking whey they hate us, let's examine why I hate them.

Oh, Kate already did. And I have to say if that makes her a resentful feminist, it makes me one, too.

Or maybe it just makes me (and Kelley) resentful of Islam and its view of women.

I'm just curious about that Religion of Peace(tm) label. Perhaps in their world the definition of peace has something to do with misogyny. You know, the Religion of Shut The Hell Up, Woman!

And in case you are wondering why they hate us, it's because democracy is a threat to their pervesion of a religion.

Klan with a Koran, indeed.


I've got to admit that there would be a hell of a lot of peace in my house if I could just get away with saying "Shut the hell up, woman" every once in a while.

Oh, I dunno about that, Bill. I don't think I'd get a piece for a reeeeeeeeal long time if I said that in my house. :)

I agree with you about the perversion of Islam we see in much of the world. I think it is important to make the distinction that Islam, in and of itself, is no more despicable than Christianity. The real difference is that the Jerry Fallwells of our world are in charge of theirs.

It got to be that way as a result of cynical dictators using religion to distract the populace from paying attention to their greed and malfeasance. The West generally went along with those leaders because they promoted "stability" and helped us out whenever we asked for a favor. It's hard to criticize our leaders too harshly for not supporting democracy and freedom in the Arab world, because there was basically no constituency for such an approach here in the US.

However, a lot of things changed after 9/11. The Saudis are saturating our airwaves with TV commercials because they are rightly fearful that the jig is up, that we may choose to stop supporting their inherently corrupt system.

George Bush will not voluntarily take a hard line with the Saudis and other oil states until he's forced to do so, because they're his oil brethren and because there is a potential for anarchy is the situation is mis-handled.

Even so, I believe we have crossed the point of no return. By eliminating the tyrannical existing political structures in Afghanistan and Iraq, we have dangled the hope for democracy and freedom in front of the entire Arab world. Just look at the recent revolutionary undercurrents in Iran. If we stop here and say "democracy is good for Iraq, but oligarchy is still fine and dandy in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere", the long-term outcome will not be a pleasant one for the US.

There are large numbers of people in Iran right now risking their lives to take a stand against religious extremism. It's time for us to stand with them - for what's right, not what's most expedient.

I agree with the approach that the "Why do they hate us?" view should be canned in favor of the"We like us just fine now knock it off with the terror shit or so help me I'm pulling over at the next exit and coming back there!!!"approach.

Kate is wrong. As a feminist, she is required to oppose the war and Bush.

Regular women are still allowed to recognize reality.

there is no such thing as a religion of peace.
Even Buddhists have been guilty of slaughter.

I like this view much better. I don't really give a sh*t why they hate us. I have enough reasons to hate them.