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your moments of zen

[I thought I was getting too maudlin on you and figured it was time to lighten up. ]

For those who think the United States is too loose with its morals and that the media is saturated with sexual talk, perhaps you should turn your accusing eyes towards Japan.

From the Mainichi Daily News in Japan, here are this weeks hot topics (all right there in the sidebar, free for anyone to peruse);

Frisky females fancy fornicating frills, but forget the facials. This story includes the phrase beaming at her paramour, who unleashes a gushing jet of his love liquid into her face.

The job may suck, but 423,000 yen in 10 days makes it easy to swallow. ("I've got a real inferiority complex about my big breasts. But now that I realize my tits can be an asset, I want to try really hard")

Lip reading priest finds fortune in holiest of holes. (Unless you see a woman's private parts, there's no way you can ever know what destiny the future holds for her)

Head honchos give blow by blow lowdown on 'going down'. ( His thingy hit the back of my throat and almost made me barf)

Hey, where are you going with that box of tissues?


Holy alliteration, Batman!!!

That's soo unsexy :(

"Frisky females fancy fornicating frills, but forget the facials." so, they forego fellatio? fine.

and wha, no mention of fisting? fsheesh!

Mainichi is a tabloid for horny salarymen. It's all made up like the Weekly World News.

Jeez it's hard to type one-handed.

hi, i found your site from lileks today. i trust his tastes, and sure enough i like this place. :)

anyway, i wholeheartedly agree with snore, waiwai (http://mdn.mainichi.co.jp/waiwai/index.html) has its niche market. waiwai actually is stories from tabloids that have been compiled into a separate section, so it's not actually written by the newspaper. also, it is obviously not a word-for-word translation, and i always wonder how much of the perversion is added by overzealous translators. specifically, many of the quotes are more slang-y than is even possible in the japanese language. the translators take a story that is already a bit dirty and make it filthy.

Ken, dude, the dictionary definition of Too Much Information is your picture. And nothing else. 8-)