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jackasses of the world unite

I just got this email:

Stop with your fake sentimentality. And your crocodile tears. Everyone who isn't taken in by your bullshit knows that you are doing this "project" for hits. Oh, now you're a big gun. You want to be the female instapundit. You want to get as much money as Andrew Sullivan. I bet that as soon as this is past you are going to ask people to hit y our tip jar. I'm not the only one saying this you know. A lot of people think that you are a fake and a phony and everything you do or say is to get attention. All those stupid pet projects and charities of yours. You just want attention. Low self-esteem, much? Get rid of the stupid voices project. Stop doing it and stop blathering about how much its bothering you. If you really want hits, just show your tits. Thats all any guy in their right mind would come here for and the girls just come to suck off of you. I will tell everyone you are full of shit and you dont care about dead people at all. You are a hit whore. How many people did you beg to link taht project?

Some people really suck. I was going to do a search on his IP and then I said the hell with it. I just deleted the email because honestly, I don't want to know who he is (I'm assuming it's a he because it was signed "a guy who hates you").

I was going to answer him in full right here and explain things as if I were talking to a little kid and then I decided that I would much rather play a game of Monopoly with my kids and then go to bed and get this day overwith.

Bite me, jackass.


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Jealousy is an ugly thing.

Oh, and mean people suck.

What a useless fuck. I wanna say, "Don't let it get you down" but someone that lame, so completely and utterly without a single redeemable quality showing how bitterly cynical they can be just can't be brushed aside.

I know I was affected and I'm sitting 300 odd miles away. I cannot fathom being someone so close to the situation both geographically and emotionally.

His karmic payback should be outrageous for this one.

Ignorant ass. I think the vast majority know why you're doing this, and it has nothing to do with hitting the tip jar.

Keep up the good work... and buy Park place for me.

His wit is only exceeded by his impressive spelling and grammar. I'd borrow a buzz phrase from psychologists, and ask him, "Project, much, dumbass?"

what an idiot. let is slide girl. you are better than this.

Okay, I'll admit that I'm not quite so affected by this coming "anniversary" (not the word I'd choose) as you are. Until after 9/11 and the beginning of the war, I didn't personally know anyone who was affected by the attacks.

But I don't fault anyone for experiencing very real, very deep emotions as the date approaches. I can see how the projects are a way for you to keep occupied, to contribute to the history, to not let them die in vain, and that's commendable.

And someone like this imbecile deserves less than the energy you have given him. He probably got his jollies by seeing this little tantrum printed on your page.

To quote Henry Rollins (something you won't see often from me - :-) ) Rise Above!

Permit me (from the other gender) to wish this needle-dicked-bug-molester a hearty:
"Blow me, you rectacranially-inverted fool - your room-temp IQ is only exceeded by the number of male relatives you have had illicit relations with."
You should pardon the statement of what was obvious to me, but the pain in your posts was evident when you embarked on the project.
You see the buttcheesze, send 'im to Fairview Park. We'll reason wit' 'im.


I agree with Kevin.

My, what a woman hater! It's obvious his hostility goes WAY BEYOND a dislike of your writing.

Michele, how dare you leave the kitchen and have the nerve to have an intelligent thought in your head! ;-)

My heart bleeds for buttheads who are hogtied to sites they hate.

Give me five fucking minutes alone with this son of a whore and he'll be talking out of the other side of his face. This guy is the Spokesmodel for Retroactive Abortion.


Michele, the Voices project is amazing and I admire you for working on something so emotionally draining. I don't think I could do it.

Someone needs a piece of pie.

that is truly despicable

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox to infinity.
Justin Case you didn't already know that:).
I had a 'tard day too. And I reacted the same way to my personal 'tard......
I don't do the "talk to the hand" bit. My rendition is "talk to the closed fist". WHATevah........POW

Damn you! You weren't supposed to publish my love notes, beyotch!

I was going to hit the tip jar just because, but you don't seem to have one any more. After that crap, the least I could do is buy you a drink.

I don't think I need to say how unshared this opinion is, do I?

I'm telling you. We need sharks with frickin' laser beams for jackasses like this... I would come here boobies or no, suckage or no -- although the combo can be quite nice. ;-)

We can take pride in the quality of enemies we engender.

Unfortunately, if your excellent postings and heartfelt message only engenders enemies of the brain-dead, spiritually-stunted, short-dwarf type like him, you'll find yourself damned with faint praise, indeed.

Keep up the good work.

Ignorance has been considered a legitimate point of view for too long now. September 11th has done a remarkable job of highlighting morally bankrupt people and ideas.
Your project is a great counterweight to those that fail to see what a thin veneer western civilization truly is, while (at the same time) they fight that wonderful development with every inane and hateful comment they make.

I believe that the following is an old Afghan saying:

"The insults of an enemy are a tribute to the brave."

Everyone else has said it all already, but I'll just add my own personal "Bite me" to that excuse for a human being.

Show this guy my door, I'll kick his ass.

Jus another one of the bazillion assholes who are allowed to say whatever they want. That's the beauty of America. Of course, it takes some balls not brains to send hatemail to a popular blog these days.

I would just like to say to this person that his ass has an appointment with my foot and he'd better not be late.

grin You can tell when you're having an effect by the lack of quality in your hatemail. ;]

Don't let the bastards grind you down.

Just the fact that he didn't have the balls to sign his own name to it speaks volumes.

And he's not worth a nanosecond of your time.

And next time you and Faith get together, I'm crashing and we're going for margaritas and karaoke! (well, Faith can have a light beer ;))

Even if you were a hit whore, "Voices" would still be a worthy project well beyond the ability or talent* of this loser.

Probably just pissed that his blogspot site only gets 15 hits a day.

*term used exceedingly loosely.

Excellent! Hate mail. I think it's a sign that you've made it. After all, we only have true power if we can successfully yank people's chains and get under their skins.
Your site is lovely, just ignore him. He just needs to be shown the decaf aisle in the grocery store, and assured that it tastes just as good as the real thing.


How jealous is he?

Ignore him, Michele, and keep doing what you're doing.

Oh duh. That wasn't really hate mail! Someone was just testing out the Hate Mail Generator (scroll to the bottom of the page). See? Everyone still loves you.

I had to chuckle that you deleted the e-mail after copying the content into the blogpost. I mean... I'm not laughing at you or anything, I just find that funny... the guy's obviously a tool anyway.

Unless I'm way off base on this, that ass will probably be one of the many asses dying to take pictures of their trip to 7-11 next Thursday so we can see how happily their life has moved on from that terrorist-type thing that happened on TV.

Fuck 'em. Every day someone proves to me that stupidity can be elevated to an art form.

Solonor that is a great site. I enjoyed the rip on Bush:

"Marcus, perplexed peon:

As long as the American electorate is convinced that its interests are best served by electing a warmongering dunderhead, the only 'solution' is prompt assassination of said warmongering dunderhead. What America needs is a new generation of Lee Harvey Oswald, Giuseppe Zangara, and John Wilkes Booth. As a fellow sociopath, Bush is right up there with the great destroyers of our age. As Bush runs amuck though ancient civilizations searching for the elusive Mr bin Laden, et al, Afghanistan and Iraqi have been reduced to penury and rubble. Has he found him? Nope, but CNN and the manufacturers of cluster bombs, body bags, prosthetic limbs, etc, have done rather well out of it. Americans got their excuse to sing hymns, anthems, talk Budweiser-fueled patriotic bullshit in backwater bars, and wave little plastic Stars N' Stripes at their TVs. So, everyone is happy. What's your problem? Did America blow your arms off and you can't wave the Stars N' Stripes?

I hope this helps,


How dare he call you a hit whore. I'm a hit whore not you!

The guys is just jealous because of you charm and beauty.

And because you can talk to the opposite sex without wetting your pants.

Did all these pleasant comments help? I hope so ... it sucks that someone would be so dissociated as to write something like that. No good deed goes unpunished.

Speaking as a fiercely proud hit whore, I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, you're not a hit whore. You don't need to be a hit whore, because your blog is already an Internet hit. But, seriously, what's the problem in being a hit whore? I'm a hit whore. Visit ME! Visit ME! I'm so shameless. But, so what? Visit ME anyway. Hell, you can send me hate mail, too. I love getting e-mail.

Bummer! I tried to use the Hate Mail Generator (hey-I have enemies. We all do, I just own up to it), but our company firewall has blocked it, saying it is "Obscene or Extreme". Now I definitely know I need to try to access it on the home pc.

Great response, Ryan, rendered a much needed laugh for me. Quite the Web Slut, indeed.

AHAHAHAHAHhahaha, that email is totally laughable.

chica, chica, chica, i got nothing but love (that i selfishly guard for only the worthy) for you

That sounds like "Mikey" Moore. Time to get the harpoon out.

What a creep!! I hit your site long before I knew about Voices. I enjoy everything you post...

Who the hell takes the time to write something like that to someone they don't know, will never meet, and are not forced to interact with? I mean, if you hate the site, stop reading. Favorite part: "I'm not the only one saying this you know. A lot of people think that you are a fake and a phony and everything you do or say is to get attention." I think I used that in eighth grade to piss someone off.

what an ass. did he not notice that you're not an ad-driven site, and that since you pay for bandwidth, therefore you actually PAY more for the more clicks you get?

sheesh. idiot.

What an asshat. I posted something on 9-11...and I only got TWO hits last week! According to this guy, I should have been swamped.

Guess he is a fuckwit.