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On second thought, maybe that feeling of impending doom was nothing more than a harbinger of the new school year, which starts today.

Out of five possible fifth grade teachers, DJ got the only one I didn't want him to get - a 74 year old man whose passion for teaching died about twenty years ago.

And then Natalie starts the year asking for a belly ring (NO!).

It's going to be a long one.


I attended open house this week for my 8th grader and was disturbed that every single one of his teachers was considerably younger than me (I'm 36). Where have all the old teachers gone? (Except for the 74-year-old)

Gir, hold on to something!

Belly ring? You're doomed :p!

On a related note, a co-worker raising a teenage boy and girl told me this:

"Vince, when you raise boys, when they really, really screw up, it hits you in the wallet. When you raise girls, and they really, really screw up, you wish it hit you in the wallet."

To repeat forcefully: NO!

Mine hasn't wanted a belly ring, but she did just get the eyebrow but fortunately it's small and not very noticeable (she's already 18 and heading to college and paid for it herself - she knew not to ask otherwise).

Also, be keep an eye on the teacher and keep up with DJ's work. Both of my daughters had to keep on a particular HS geometry teacher to make sure he did the problems right. We lucked out through elementary school.

Good Gawd! Did I write that sentence?????

Jeez, I need some coffee.

We always requested teachers at the end of the prior school year. You can probably talk to the principal and try to make a change. One drawback is that when the kids start many don't want to change. Makes them stand out in the new class.

Just wait for tatoos. We put our foot down on that, but once our second one was old enough, he whet ahead and got one. He also got a stud for his lower lip. Boy did we hate that.

Keep saying no until they are too old to need your permission. Maybe they will grow out of it.

I feel so young in the company of everyone here. I a typical kid I guess...turn 23 tomorrow. Never really wanted to get a tatoo or piercing, though I think either can be attractive on women if done with taste. Guess I'm a good little boy for the most part. :-)

Ugh poor DJ. I hate he got THE crappy teacher. :(

74?!?!?!!! How has he not been forced into retirement yet?

Oh and Derek, I'm a youngster around here too (24)

A friend who worked her way through university as a piercer (or as I put it, putting holes in people for fun and profit) viewed belly rings as among the worst, if only for the inevitable hygeine issues.

I'd suggest a simple approach... before she can get one, she must prove she can maintain a properly hygeinic area for what will be, for some time, an open wound.

As such, she must agree to submit to random belly button inspections at any time between now and Christmas by any family member with a Q-tip. An unhygeinic belly button, or refusal to comply, and no ring for at least another year.

If you can't make her wish she'd never suggested it within a week, you're just not trying....

Belly rings take up to six months to heal, and if they get infected and you're unlucky, the infection can spread to your liver. In order to prevent this, among other things you must apply antibacterial soap twice a day, making sure to work the soap all the way through the piercing. Yes, this DOES hurt. Not a few trendoids I've known have taken the ring out and let it heal over before it was "finished" just because of the hassle factor.

I've got three holes in me, all of which are nonstandard, but I wouldn't do my navel.

i have a problem with my belly button, i put a new belly bar in and it has pushed to the outside of my skin,i have had to take it out and i think the skin is going to snap where i have had it done! i dont no what to do, will i need it stiched and would i be able to have it done again?

how can i heal my belly button ring that i think is infected? tips please..thanks a bunch!

how can i heal my belly button ring that i think is infected? When i first got it done, it hurt a lot, where i couldnt sleep on my stomach, or even bend down. Then the pain slowly went away. Now I think it's infected. It feels like this stinging, paralizing feeling. I clean it 2 times a day with Dial, antibacterial soap. Can anyone PLEASE help me..email me ..thanks a bunch!