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i'm gonna sing the doom song

I woke up full of dread today and I don't know why.

There was this dream in which all the cars on the road stopped. Just. Stopped. We all sat there, turning our keys and pumping the gas pedal and nothing, nothing at all. It was pouring and we covered our heads and ran from the car, all the way home. There, my mother and father were running around the house, frightened and crying, ripping the phone jacks out of the walls. And the sky was on fire.

And now I sit here, wide awake but still fuzzy-headed from the dream and there's a couple of crows outside my window making ugly noises. They aren't cawing; no, that would be creepy enough because I hate crows as it is. They are wailing. Crying.

I have this overwhelming sense that nothing good is going to come of today. That something wicked this way comes feeling. This is one of those times I would love for my feeling of impending doom, disaster and destruction to be proved so laughably wrong.

Which got me thinking about another thing. How many times has the end of the world been predicted, only to have that date pass with not so much as a minor earthquake occur?

The first time I remember hearing such a prediction was in high school. The end was nigh because the planets would align in such a way, on one fateful day in June, 1980, that havoc would pretty much render the planted useless. This was also supposed to happen in May of 2000.

Then there was the 1981 rapture that never materialized (unless it did and Jesus decided that not one single person on this earth was worth saving and left us here to kill each other off on our own), Pat Robertson's prediction that we would meet our demise in 1982. Massive earthquakes were supposed to upset the balance of the world in 1988.

There were a million millenium predictions that never came to pass as well as several predictions of the second coming of Jesus, Hitler, Genghis Kahn, or Jack the Ripper who was, indeed, the devil himself.

There's still time left for the great nuclear war of 2003 to happen. In fact, that one is coming in November.

Really, whether it's aliens, massive tidal waves, war, rapture, asteroids, the resurgence of dinosaurs, machines coming alive, spontaneous combustion or what have you, it's going to happen some time. Could be tomorrow, could be two thousand years from now.

I just wonder if the crying crows outside my window are trying to tell me something about today.

30 seconds till the end of the world
We'll blow it all to bits (End of the world)
30 seconds till the end of the world
We'll call it quits (End of the world)
30 seconds till the end of the world
Blow it all away (End of the world)
30 seconds till the end of the world
We'll call it a day
Ten seconds till the end of the world
Five seconds till the end of the world

[30 Seconds Till the End of the World - Pennywise]


I think it was Phil K. Dick who wrote that its always the end of the world for somebody, somewhere.

Two thousand zero zero party over ooops out of time...

Novemeber, eh? Well, just as long as it happens immediatly after my birthday - I want to be sufficently morning-booze-fuzzed to wish it would end. ;)

Wow. I woke up at 4 a.m. with a similar feeling. My day has been just like my sense of Doom. But in a blah sort of way.

See the 1980 thing was just the planets celebrating my first year on earth that's all!

Bad dreams suck.