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art corner

Quite a few of you have emailed asking to see more of my husband's artwork.

This is one of my favorites (though it's not one of his favorites, but that doesn't matter, does it?).

[cllick for bigger image]

It's a portrait. Of someone. Two dollars to whoever can figure it out first.


Alice Cooper.

i would have said edgar allan poe, but i could go with the lovely alice.

Howard Stern.

Steven Wright.

nick cave

Gene Simmons

Two Dollars for Kat! You go, girl!

It was his red right hand that gave it away. :)

Argh! Late, as per frickin' usual.

He's a ghost, he's a god, he's a man, he's a guru.

I mean Justin, of course, for his talent. Any chance of getting that replicated, say, poster size? I'd be interested in hanging that in my house.

Nick Cave...but that was kinda easy since it says so at the bottom of my browser when I put the cursor over it. lol (or if you open the link in a new window..)

But it's very cool...why doesn't he have a site up to share more of his stuff?

hee...it does say nickcave.htm at the bottom. never heard of him. looks like steven wright to me in a Connor Macleoud wig to me.

4 games.

Very Bernard Buffet. I like.

Damn he's good. We've gotta get him to work on blog art.

It, um, kinda looks like me, at least that was my first thought.
The hair, the glum look, oh well I'm nowhere near Nick Cave's calibre.

It's not you Chele?

That's got to be Elvis.


never heard of Nick Cave? The Bad Seeds, Birthday Party???


It looks like Steven Wright