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my mom went to the mall and all i got was these lousy seven t-shirts for $120

Back from the mall. Didn't kill anyone but came damn near close. If it wasn't for that broken elevator that zapped the last strands of my energy, the jackass in the Marilyn Manson t-shirt would be crushed by my super powers right now.

Damn human beings. Damn their infernal machines.

And damn Hot Topic, which is a black hole that eats twenty dollar bills like candy.

There's got to be alcohol in this house somewhere.


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I have long believed that Hot Topic makes all its profit off the Manson T-shirts.

Do they still have that one Joy Division shirt off in the corner?

Hot topic is killer. If it wasn't for strict dress codes, Mark would be wearing that stuff. Dress codes suck. Belted pants, no baggies, shirts tucked in, clean shoes, no offensive shirts. There goes all his TOOL shirts. You have mail BTW.

Hot Topic: the store for trendy suburban alternative lifestyle activists. Never did like the treatment I'd get from the multi-holed salespeople on my infrequent tours of this shit hole.

didn't you at least get a "despising you makes me all warm inside" shirt?

and joekujo: they're nice kids if you don't treat them like "multi-holed salespeople."

Hot Topic is pretty much the only place my daughter will shop for clothes. On her recent birthday (13) she received several Hot Topic gift cards which enabled her to finally do some "serious shopping". It was nice being able to take her there and not have to bitch about how much she was spending.

Any parent will know that the statement, "you can get a shirt just like this at Target for half the price" will result in "Ewwww! No way am I going to Target!" (substitute WalMart for Target if you wish).

I stopped at HT one time and bought my wife a t-shirt that said: "Don't make me get my flying monkeys."

She loved it...

The one thing I got from Hot Topic, a lighter, broke on the first try. Or maybe I'm just clumsy.