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I guess the fact that the whole "Jenin was flattened during a massacre" was refuted, disputed and proved untrue didn't get in a way about someone making a "documentary" about it.

Nor does the fact that the producer of the film "Jenin Jenin," Mohammed Bakri, is being sued by reservists in the IDF for the way the IDF was portrayed in that film stop people from calling it a "harrowing and poignant" film.

I guess Bakri went to the Michael Moore School of Documentary Making.


A film can, of course, be harrowing and poignant without being the slightest bit accurate.

The only trouble, of course, is that people may well tend to believe it's non-fiction.

Wait, you mean a documentary is supposed to be about stuff that actually happened? And it's supposed to be true? I'm confused.