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did someone say boobies?

Your link o' the day:

If anyone has a blogger cause or charity that they support, the second
annual Boobie-Thon (Robyn's project) is now taking applications for the $359 blogger purse portion of the event. The first $359 raised is earmarked for bloggers and/or their charities in need -- the rest will be going to Susan G. Komen for breast cancer research. More information can be found here, last year's efforts can be found here (NSFW).

Yes, there are real, live blogger boobs involved. Yes, that would include mine. Anything for charity, I say.

Go nominate a charity, throw some cash in the pot or volunteer your own boobs for the cause.


Google cache.

Thanks babe! Donations start on 10/1:

Oh yeah...the link for last year's site is...

Thanks again!

I'm sorely tempted to bake a pair of bread-boobs.

Challah, perhaps?

I wonder if I can submit my cat's boobs? She's got a bunch of em.

And we all know that is what the internet needs more of...boobs. Still great idea and very good cause. Beats a Boil-a-thon that is for sure.

Looking forward to your new contribution- my vote and my donation will no doubt go for ASV.