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end of days

That's it. Summer is over.

Today brings decidely fall-like weather with rain, wind, blowing leaves and temperatures cool enough to warrant a sweatshirt. Tomorrow we go full-force into fall by sending the kids back to school. Sweet mercy, at long last.

Once September rolls around, the year is gone. You start with buying fall clothes and school supplies and before you know it, you're in Target and some awkward teenager in an red vest is stalking you, replacing every Halloween decoration you take off the shelf with a Christmas ornament. No breathing space. No time to go around the board once or twice and pass Go.

So now you prepare for New Year's Eve right around Columbus Day and one of these years we'll just go right ahead and celebrate New Year's with our Jewish friends, who generally ring in their New Year, Rosh Hashanah, some time in September or October.

But wait, we forgot all about Thanksgiving, whose meaning has become something akin to the sorbet they serve you in fancy restaurants between courses, to cleanse your palate in between Halloween and Christmas. The turkeys and pilgrims and other Novemeber accoutrements get tossed between the costumes no one wanted and the fresh winter plastic trinkets like inch-high plastic ice skaters and musical baby Jesus. Even the outdoor decorations for Thanksgiving are just toss-offs from Halloween; take down the witches and goblins and leave the pumpkins and bales of hay and look, it's Thanksgiving!

Then there's football which, week for week, makes the end of the year move faster than a speeding bullet-like completion. You start fresh in September with high hopes and maybe a new replica jersey and a few bucks thrown in the weekly office pool. By Halloween you are grumbling under your breath, by Election day you're headed into a funk, by Thanksgiving you spend every Sunday cursing and drinking and by New Year's you insist that the Super Bowl is just some over-hyped dramatic ratings ploy anyhow, so why should you watch it?

Suddenly it's 2004, a new year has dawned and you wonder what the hell you've been doing since August because it sure doesn't feel like four full months have gone by - even though your bank account assures you that yes, it has been depleted thanks to a succession of holidays and gift giving occassions - and you have no choice but to face the black hole of the calendar, those months marked by early darkness, snow and a few Monday holidays thrown in to keep you sane. But that's all ok because soon you will hear the cries of pitchers and catchers flying south for the spring and the Easter Bunny will come hop-hop-hopping along as you try to find summer camps for your kids and book that vacation condo in the woods, the one that makes you feel all rustic and back to nature but gets 800 channels on the tv including porn, and we start all over again, sweating, conserving electricity, avoiding blackouts and killer mosquitoes and getting an early start on back-to-school supplies.

Time flies whether you're having fun or not.


Well done. A perfect entry for the next CotV!

Anyway, being a fellow Long Islander, I thought you'd laugh when you saw this couple representing LI!

Thanks for rushing another year by, when they go so fast with David anyway!!!

I'm actually ready for next February this time -- even if it means no more football. :-)

Shorts and tees here, baby.

Move south, I say.