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Today in the bakery: Long line, agitated, hungry and late for my sister's barbecue.

DJ, standing next to me, suddenly tugs on my sleeve and whispers shyly in my ear:

Mom, what's an affair?

Too much tv, I think. I look around, make sure no one is in earshot and then I say to him as delicately as possible:

Well, it's when two people are in an...umm...relationship and one of them is married to someone else.

DJ, looks confused and points towards the wall:

Then why does it say "We Will Cater Your Affairs" on that sign?

Boy, was my face red.


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Um, affairs are not as illicit as they once were?

Migod, who has time to eat under those circumstances?

(Yeah, like I'd know anything about that.)

Now that's funny!

Gives a new meaning to "bed and breakfast"

Coming soon, this discussion:

DJ: Mom, where did I come from?

Mom: Umm...er...Dinner's almost ready. We'll sit down and talk about it after dinner.

DJ: OK, 'cause Timmy said he's from Chicago.

Always, always, always ask, "Why do you want to know before you panic.

Okay, I've been sitting here for several minutes just playing peek-a-boo with the matches hidden behind the comments box. Scroll up, scroll down. Matches. No matches.

SO cool.

In the process I have totally forgotten what my comment was going to be.


Out of the mouths of babes.

That is classic!

Don't feel bad. When my girls were 8 and 6 they asked me what sex was.

So, I sat down and explained in pretty good detail what sex was (and I was rather proud of myself for explaining it in a manner they could understand)

Well imagine my embarrassment when my 6 year old starts crying and my 8 year old goes... "um..ooookay..." So I asked her why they wanted to know.

She then tells me in a rather concerned voice "because daddy said he would tuck us in bed in a sec."

Talk about wanting to crawl under a rock. That explained why my youngest was crying - I had to explain to her that daddy wasn't coming to have "sex" with her, that he would be there in a "sec" meaning a second and that mommy had just misunderstood what she said.

We still laugh about that (of course now my kids are traumatized but what the heck :-)

Well, you're all talkin about the embarassment of parents(the parent's point of view) when they get the wrong and crooked meaning of words in such a situation.
But what happens when kids really mean what they ask? And what is their view of what has happened?
When I was young (13 ish) I recall I used to listen to this Funk song which had a verse repeating," truth lies are in the air, truth lies are in your sperm".
Curious to know what it(sperm) meant, at the same time showing off my ambition to become a literary genius, by understanding what the verse was trying to 'implicate', I asked (or rather shouted to) my father what it meant, while the entire family was in the same room!!
He wasn't impressed by my question, my mom, sitting across the room, didn't seem the least bit happy either, and there was a grave silence, which left me much depressed. He asked in one of his polite attitudes,"where did you hear that?"
"I heard it on the radio," I said proudly to cheer up the desolate atmosphere. AND SANG THE VERSE OUT!!!"well then!! What does it mean?"I asked, extremely satisfied with myself.
"It's a part of our body, you know. Since I am no doctor, I don't think I'll be able to explain it all to you. Don't worry your biology teacher will tell you about it soon.And NOW go to your room and study and you're never gonna listen to the radio ANYMORE!"
DUH! I was startled.
Well, I found out 'what part of the body the sperm belongs to',and yes I've long given up my literary ambition (I'll be a doctor!!). The day I found out I was extremely embarassed. I wonder whether it's altered his perception of me. I'll phone and ask him!!!


Now you got me hooked doing the matchbook peekaboo too.

Sheesh. Totally cool.

There would appear to be a new game at Michele's! Matchbox Peekaboo! yep, I'm playing too.

And DJ cracks me up.

LMAO I am sorry but thats too funny