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and the bartender says...

So far, Solonor is the only one who has made good on his bet, and he couldn't even do that much without his usual snarkiness. Would it kill him to say one nice thing about the Yankees without an addendum basically negating the compliment he just gave? Probably.

Solly told a joke about the Yankees. Now I have one about the Sox.

Manny Ramirez walks into a bar...

Eh, I'll just get straight to the punchline: 5 1/2 games back!



I was out all yesterday. I'm no wussy. I made good on my bet too.


Currently I am looking into the story that Steinbrenner gave Manny the Jeter Visa card for those drinks....

"Manny Ramirez walks into a bar..."

Maybe he should wear glasses - that way he will stop walking into things.

OK, a weak attempt. Piss poor in fact. But I haven't had my morning cawfee yet.

Six games in the loss column!!!

Made good too. Someone wasn't looking!

If I didn't like you so much I'd really hate you right now.

I thought I told you the linkage would start today... sorry. I was away for the weekend. I linked already, I'll say something nice later today.

4 1/2.