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file under "biased"

Speaking of all things anti-American, the English language version of Aljazeera launched today.

Think Indymedia crossed with the Washington Post.


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I thought Fox News Channel was Al-jazeera's English-language mouthpiece?


You're funny as hell... NOT!

Thank Allah! Now we can hear more anti American mumbo jumbo.....

This particular piece really angered me. The scorn these swine show for the men and women who choose to serve the country they want to call their own, even when they could easily get around the Immigration system, is more than a little galling. grr! Green Card Cannon Fodder, hrmp.

Sweet. When I'm done reading Pravda, here's where I'm going. Now in left-to-right format! Woot...

Funny - last time I checked, Washington Post was one of the most patriotic newspapers, at least in the sense of questioning everything and trying to get to the truth of matters, instead of simply repeating government press releases.

Indymedia, on the other hand, is a bunch of wankers.

You know, I do feel a weird bit of sympathy for Al-Jazeera. Sure, they're a mouthpiece in a lot of ways - but they're also trying to work in a region of the world with no tradition of freedom of press. Maybe they'll improve - who knows.