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quote for today

I found a new site, Spathic and just two days after I started reading it, the author comes up with this quote:

I think the problem with most anti-Americans is their realization of the difference between the amount of time they spend thinking about how much they hate us...and the amount of time we spend not thinking about them at all.

Of course, some may call that harsh. I call it reality.


Indeed a reality. I live overseas, (the Netherlands) anti-Americanism isn't so bad here, but I've lived in a few other foreign lands where life was pretty stressful just holding an American passport. I love being an American and will never give up my U.S. passport. I just hope one day my partner and I will be able to live in the United States together. You see it's some of the laws in the U.S. that I dislike (and they dislike me too).

Forever an American!

Of course he forgot to add that we Americans spend most of the time thinking about ourselves and J Lo's butt.

she's brilliant isn't she? it baffles me that she only just started blogging.

Why on earth SHOULD we devote a lot of time thinking about 'the world'? There aren't ten citizens in America who either came here or who's ancestors came here because things were so good in 'the old country', including the 'Native Americans' who walked accross the land bridge from Siberia. Even the slaves were sold to the Arab slave traders by their own tribal chieftans.
Americans are Americans because the 'old country' sucked. They were either trying to get away from something awful, my family it was the Pogram of 1848, or to something, opportunity. Opportunity denied them by their own society.
Since my family has got to America the only times we ever left was to fight in some stupid war, caused by some stupid furriner. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank God that my ancestors caught that boat.

Ellsworth Monkton Toohey: "Mr. Roark, we're alone here. Why don't you tell me what you think of me? In any words you wish. No one will hear us."

Howard Roark: "But I don't think of you."

Oh, and Heather? Come home. There's not a village or a city in America where there aren't two old bachelors or spinsters sharing a house. Nobody asks. Pull the window shades down and don't scare the horses and as few people will care about your relationship as do care about mine. All my neighbors want from me is that I keep my dogs in the yard and the maintainance up so I don't run the property values down.
Nobody cares about what we do, quietly. That house down the street? They're odd ducks but they don't bother nobody. That's damned near the American motto.

I vote we develop interstellar space travel, migrate to Alpha Centauri, and leave them all to tear this planet apart.

The powers that be would make sure there would be enough barking moonbats on the ship to spread their philosophy to another world... just have to put the name plates of their cabins over the signs that say "AIRLOCK"

Peter, I think yuou hit on exactly why Heather doesn't live here.

Why should she pretend to be an 'old spinster' when she's not?

Why should she have to 'pull the curtains shut? Granted, I'm taking that to mean avoiding being publically affectionate?

Why should she--or you--be forced to be an 'odd duck' because somebody claims that who you love offends their god?

Jack, why should Peter have to approve of Heather? As long as he's prepared to live and let live, even if he sniffs disdainfully at her choices, that's all he's obligated to do (and all she's entitled to ask of him). Heather may be an odd duck. So might Peter be. I know I am. We're most of us odd ducks in one way or another, especially here in the USA.

If Peter and Jack are right about why Heather doesn't live here, I have to wonder why she says our laws give her trouble. Where is it illegal for two women to live together and do what they please behind closed doors and drawn shades?

Oh, and Jack, hetero couples have to keep the shades drawn sometimes too.

Let's all remember that the word "tolerance" has a particular meaning, and it does not include an obligation to pretend to approve of anything and everything regardless.

or there's always atlanta or minneapolis or san francisco, where nobody blinks at it anyway. indoors or out.