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I don't know about you, but I think this one is a keeper. Maybe I'll bring old creepy guy back around Halloween.

I'm done with the designing. I'm going back to the business of blogging.


Individual post pages seem a little screwed, having the wrong URL for the CSS...

I like it. I liked Michael, too, but this is much cleaner.


Well done. Nice, clean, simple, functional. With style.

To this, the queer eye guys are pikers...

I like the look as well. I don't even miss the little dead girl. Hell, I married the living embodiement of the little dead girl, how can I miss her.

I will miss the little girl but this is a nice look. Good work.

Dig the new look. Can't wait to see what you do with the background come October, say, around playoff time.

This is purty! Will you redo my site next? ;)

I love this new look. Much better than the holloween one to me!

like the new look; maybe you could have different background pictures every week?

I'd been away from the site the past week or so, and when I clicked through from Lileks this morning, I thought I'd ended up at The Weekly Standard.