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Fine. You win.

The verdict is in and most people hate this new look.

I'll put the old layout or something like it back in the morning and go back to the drawing board.

Now leave me alone while I go contemplate why I spent five hours or more working on this today. First person who says it was a learning experience gets a foot up their ass.


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Michele - It's YOUR blog. If YOU like the look and layout, that's what really matters.

I don't come here to make sure I enjoy the layout before I read.

Wow. Big change. I love the photo! I think it's more a matter of getting used to it. Sorry to hear you're going back to the old one, everyone needs a change now and then.

I don't know. I'm just very tired right now. I may wake up in the morning and say fuck you to anyone who doesn't like it.

Jesu Cristo, welcome to my life. (And Robyn's too!)

Show some tit. (Fuck you if you didn't know I was kidding.)

I like it. Keep it. And show some tit.

I like it! Creeped out by the picture, but then again I'm creeped out by a lot of what I see here. ;)

Let everyone else suck it up. I'll miss the little dead girl but Jason is a perfectly acceptable replacement.

And it isn't my place to say what works, anyway. Your blog, your design.

Pssst....Mara, that's Michael Myers.

I like the new look. I like the Michael Myers picture you have for a background. Personally, I think you should keep it, but like others have said, it's your blog and you should do what you want with it.

Your blog, babe. Keep it if you wanna, trash it if you feel the need.

I can't help but fuck around with the design of my blog. In fact it's about that time again. . . .


change is good but this is a bit drastic.

Being a horror movie -ophile, I like it a lot. Mike Meyers! If I could figure out MT (well actually felt like sitting down long enough to play with it), I'd beg you for it.

Hell, I may do that anyway starting October first. Should I start now?

I rather like it, except the way the text area keeps disappearing completely. It's at least a cool, temporary Halloween design.

Ugh. I think I may be agreeing with the other commenters (that I can't see to read) but ugh. Please. Make it stop. We'll be your slaves, really, we will. Make Jason go away. We want the little dead girl back. We like the little dead girl, she doesn't threaten us Waaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Ok, enough of that crap.

You've picked up some useful skills from Stacy, and you should be pleased at your ability to manipulate them. The mechanical part is fine.

The actual color combo of the main entries section isn't atrocious, and with a better blend of a background, could work. Maybe closer coordination or a better contrast of the sidebar, too. Font selection works, its readable, and the hyperlinkage color differentiation is good, without being obnoxious.

Give it a 7.5 out of 10.

But do SOMETHING with Jason's hair, at least. Sheesh.

If you change, just change the colors and the pic. Or change the shading.

I like the design, just not the pieces.

I'll keep coming back though, even if you don't change it :-)

It sometimes takes a while to get use to a different look. Personally, I think it's great.

Day-um, girl...when you change a template, you don't fool around. My two cents: looks just fine. Don't particularly for Jason/Mike Myers/Freddy/whoever, but the layout, the fonts, the colors, etc, all look good.

And as has been pointed out above: YOUR blog, YOUR design, YOUR rules. Since when did you let "majority rule" dictate your sense of style?

Go, girl.

Re-running the same graphic display over and over again, has been a sin of web sites from the WWW’s inception. More simply, shouldn’t you change your welcome mat every 100,000 visitors or so? Even Wheaties changes the pictures on their cereal boxes. Web owners spent so many hours designing their homepage, investing trillions, that they forget that after repeated viewing, their treasure-chest becomes a junkyard to the visual stimuli of another person. Christmas calls for a Christmas theme, rabbits for Easter, and so on. Even a different color each day would refresh the same graphic by using the same strategy as the Seven Dwarfs employed or for the same reasons Santa Claus has several reindeers, that is, to keep children fascinated through variety. I’m well aware of the “trademark” syndrome. But a homepage is not like a label on a bottle of tequila...not to say that Michele’s blog is not the tequila of the blogoshere. Trademark symbols are there to impact the optic nerve or, legally speaking, to insure that there is no confusion of the origin (manufacturer) of the goods. But no one picks a blog site out of a collection of blogs piled on top of the same shelf. Webbies travel to a particular web site instead. Somewhat analogous to traveling to Washington state to pick an apple as opposed to buying an apple that was shipped from Washington state to your local supermart. There is an extreme difference in inspiration, so any visitor to your site is sure to kiss your ass if you provide a semblance of motivation by pasting a new look to your web page every 20,000 years or sooner. Be sure to use your own picture on the marquee, occasionally. I personally enjoyed your new look. But than again, I like “impact” pictures. But that’s only one bloggee’s opinion, on the last day of August.

Tsk. That's conservatives for ya.

Oh man! That guy creeped me out when I saw the picture last year!

I think I like the new layout. It'll take some getting used to since it's so incredibly different than the old one, but I think I like it.

(even if that guy does creep me out something awful)

Everyone has to be a critic. Sheesh. If they hate it so much, why not turn that energy into improving their own sites instead of going after you for your own. I'd double-dog dare them to come into your actual living room and start changing the paint colors, replacing the artwork on the walls, and rearranging the furniture. I think you need to live by motto at my site... "I get paid to keep everyone else happy. At MY site, it's 'sit down, shut up, and take things the way I give 'em'. And like it." Viva la Dominatrix Design!

I think it looks great, for what my designer opinion matters. And I'm way impressed for one of your very first efforts!

FWIW, I just find the Halloween picture very distracting. As I scroll through the text, it's pretty freakin' haunting how he just keeps ... staring ... at ... me. Even now I moved the comments box over the pic, just to keep sane. I think you got the scary effect you were going for, but it makes me want to read your blog veryvery quickly and then go -- instead of lingering & thinking.

(This isn't meant to be "going after" the new design - just reporting from the peanut gallery as to the effects that the design has on us peanuts.)

Its not that people 'hate' the new look. Its actually the inability to adapt to change. They can do it, I have confidence in everybody.

... while I go contemplate why I spent five hours or more working on this today.

Hey - holiday weekend, kids are away ... what else are you gonna do?

Yea! I can read it again! And as a pipe smoker, I dig the matches.

Meh, I didn't even get to see the Halloween (?)look... :-o

I left for the evening to pick up my boyfriend from the airport, and when I came back, it was apparently down already.

I am liking this matchbook look though. :)

This version is a lot easier to read.

What? Am I missing something? All I see is a book of matches?

It was a learning experience.

Come and get me.


I just got a picture run through my head. THAT Michael Myers as Austin Powers.

Sorry for sharing.

I'm with Tiger on this one...all I see is a book of matches.

Everybody needs a change now and again. This is a good one. But I miss the little dead girl.