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attention red sox fans

At least those who took the bet.

I do believe the bet was for two out of three which, as you know, the Yankees took. Yes they did.

I'll be checking your blogs tomorrow to make sure you are 1) linking to me and 2) saying nice things about the Yankees.

Enjoy. Hey, enjoy your September, too.


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Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. You win, ya big meanie. Picking on poor defenseless Sox fans who are obviously INSANE. :(

I'm glad I didn't take that bet.

Yeah but you had to let Clemens get the "W" for your victory...

I stumbled across your site while writing a column for my own site, NotWriting.com.

As a lifelong Sox fan who now lives in New York, I felt compelled to write about my take on the difference between Red Sox fans and Yankees fans.

I thought you and your readers would enjoy the piece, so here's the link:


Hope you enjoy it.

Take care,

Chris Orcutt


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