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so. what do you think?

Well, it's a work in progress.

This is way different than any design I've ever had in two and half years of blogging. Not only that, I did it on my own, mostly.

I took the template from Voices (you did see the design there, right?), which came from Miz Graphics and modified it until I had basically what I was going for. Something with a touch of fall and a drastic change.

That photo of that guy was taken by me, last Halloween in front of my house. Freaked us out, he did.

Anyhow, I just want to thank Stacy for teaching me everything I know, including patience.

There's some tweaking to be done, of course. But let me tell you, after the emotional days I've had this past week or so, working on this all day was great therapy.

And yes, it's true. Lenore, the little dead girl, is gone for good this time. Sorry to those of you who loved her so, but you can always purchase all kinds of Lenore stuff if you are so inclined over at Spookyland. When it re-opens, that is.

Now, back to blogging.

[Note: I still have to work on the comments templates and archive templates, so please don't say anything about the ugly black background]

UPDATE: Apparently this layout doesn't render well in Mozilla and I'm just too tired to find a hack for it right now. Sorry to those using that browser, but I just don't have the skills necessary to make a website work right in every browser that's out there and I'm afraid that at this point, you'll either have to deal or, like one guy said in an email, take this site out of your bookmarks.


There's the little dead girl! On the comments.

The titles (gold on red) are hard for me to read, but that might just be my flat screen monitor.

The links (that pink) don't show up well against the background at all. :-/

And don't forget you have some YANKEES FAN GLOATING TO DO!!

Looks good. Nice color scheme. Hillary in 07!

Pardon me while I sob.

Looks pretty good. Two suggestions:

1) Use a sans-serif font for the headings. And maybe for some of the links on the right hand side - the font size is too small for the serifed font.

2) The links column on the right hand side - Black text on the dark red background - the contrast between the background and foreground is not distinct enough.

But I like the overall appearance.

I should have added something about your link "hover" styles. Again, black text on a dark red background. Nope. And it appears you have the link hover style including underlining. There is just too much stuff to make it legible. Personally, whoever first though of underlining hyperlinks as an html default had all the typographic style sense of a dead squid, but that is by the by.

Kinda unrelated, but a heads-up: Dateline showing a feature on a 9/11 survivor right now.

Maybe the media hasn't forgotten after all...

fyi, now the link that is "POSTED BY" by the comments is the same color as the background.

I like the Michael Myers pic. Very spooky.

I'm not crazy about having to read black text against a brown background. I'll be back when I can read this comment.

I agree with the general "hard to read" sentiments... Good picture of Kim Jong Il, though.

I like the color scheme, but that guy in the background is FREAKY!

Well, it looks really, really cool---BUT:

It scrolls like hell. There's a huge lag between the time you move the scroll bar, and the time the page actually moves. Which means you don't know how far down to scroll, and by the time the page catches up, you've moved too far down the page.

It might have something to do with your side bar, since once past that it scrolls smoothly.

I have an old computer but I'm on a fast connection, so I don't know if rendering speed has anything to do with it.