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trial by error

I've been working on the design for the Voices site all morning - I wanted to have a design I like before I started putting up all the entries.

Have a look.


Keep it up and I may put you to work...

Looks great!

Michele -

Can I suggest a link ? One of teh companies that worked on the cleanup has a really nice site still up -


It may be ok for some and too much for others. As part of what I will submit to you later, to me ground zero is like a wound to the national soul. I ached to see pictures of the cleanup. It was like watching that wound heal. They have some 400 pictures from immediately after the attack until the final ceremony for Memorial Day 2002.

It's up to you, obviously. But for my healing process, it was an absolute necessity for months.

I think its great

Looks GREAT -- wowza!