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the orange bowl

I'm here at Faith's apartment in New York City. It is orange. I mean really, really orange. Even her toilet bowl is orange.

She wanted me to blog from her computer because she thinks I have some magic power that will rub off on her.

More on my day when I get home.

This has been a message from the Blog Away From Home system.


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That.. and to cache the login and password to your site ;-)

Enjoy New York..

Something I've been meaning to ask Faith forever: does she intend to paint alternating black stripes around the place on Oct. 31?

Um no Linky!

Reason #347 that I wish I could have gone with Mike to the wedding in NJ - I would have been able to see you in NYC today too. THAT would have been uber cool. sigh Soon. Soon I will be there. And if I'm lucky, we will meet in person at last...

Sure, Christine. Just wanna see her. Nothing about me. ;)

Hey now, you actually knew, in advance, the day I found out that I might be in New York, Faith. Michele didn't hear about it before today. So really ... well ... ok, I suck. I should have told Michele too. But then it all fell through so it didn't matter. (But you already knew I wanted to see you!)

What color were the oranges?

thats a beautiful post
and written exactly as it should be
just as you felt it
i remember how horrified i was at all the
Chinese vendors, who didn't speak english
chanting "two dolla....five dolla..." at the WTC trinkets and yet as horrified as i was i also knew that
chinatown was in financial ruin
and i guess they had families too
its funny the trickle down
from that terrible day
thousands murdered
millions tramatized
and countless families in chinatown
worrying how to put food on their tables
its all so complex
im glad you went
im glad you wrote it as you felt it
and im glad you've been able to cry
have a glass of wine for me too
im proud of you