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ground zero

Blogging will be non-existent until later tonight.

I am going into NYC today and meeting up with Faith. And then Faith is going to take me by the hand and lead me over to Ground Zero. I have never been there. I just could not, in almost two years, bring myself to view that place.

I know it looks remarkably different now than it did even one year ago. But I am not going so I can see it, I am going so I canfeel it. It's just something I need to do, and there is no other person I would have standing there with me than Faith.

I just want to thank Faith and the wonderful Rossi for being something akin to soul sisters to me when it comes to this subject. They've held my hand for a long time in regards to 9/11 and my never-ending sorrow, anger and grief. They know, because they feel it, too.

Working on the Voices project is a daunting task. I still have 45 emails yet unread, contributions to this gathering of stories. I will get back to each and every one of you and I will begin in earnest tomorrow getting the stories up and the site ready for the anniversary.

Thank you to everyone who has sent a story or linked the project. It's going to be bigger than last year (which had about 100 contributions) and in many ways, the stories this year are more hopeful.

I am closing the comments over at Voices for various reasons. I don't want such a personal place to turn into a political or ideological debate and I certainly do not want anyone's memories or words tarnished by trolls flinging hurtful comments around. If you do want to leave your own story in the comments instead of sending an email, do it right here or, as many people are doing, email me.

I'll be back tonight with plenty of pictures of Faith and myself romping through the city, a little bit of sorrow and hopefully, a shopping bag full of comic books.

Meanwhile, share your voice.


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Thanks for the link.

Hope the visit is not too painful for you.

I visited New York last October - I wanted to go visit some of the computer stores, and before we realized it, we were there. I was across the street - not "across the street" as in a few blocks over, but across the street in that I was so close I had looked up to see the top of where the towers were, I'd have fallen over.

I've never been to New York before - I didn't make the trip to see Ground Zero - and I sure as hell didn't want to go take a photograph like some tourist - but I wanted to see it nonethless.

I decided not to cross the street and see. I didn't want to disrespect the event like all the other tourists, yet I think it's something that absolutely everyone should visit in the next few years before it's rebuilt - there will be a time in our lives, when our children will have no memory of the old towers.

We've all seen the endless amount of footage of the 9/11 NY skyline, but it totally loses impact unless you're standing there. I'm amazed that those two buildings fell without (relatively) leveling everything for blocks around. Unless you've been to New York, you just have no idea how packed together everything is - its just amazes me that much destruction could happen in that small amount of space (there was lost of destruction to other property, but on TV is looks like just the buildings fell.)

And.. I didn't want to go to Ground Zero.. because I'd probably cry. And I'd feel like a phony. Who was I to go and weep like some f*cking tourist?

I hate the brand name we gave to this. 9/11. Ground Zero. Man, we're Hollywood.

Sorry to get a little heavy :(

hugs Michele

I went on Aug. 2, 2002, and it was hard for me, and I'm not even a New Yorker.

I spent a few hours there, and said a few prayers, even though I'm agnostic.

I looked through my archives again and found a perfect statement about my "feeling" about going to Ground Zero.

{I got to go to Ground Zero, and pay my respects. Which may not have been a big deal to other people, but ever since Sept. 11, I've had the "pull" to go there, and say a few prayers. So I did. And I was so at peace afterwards. I think it's because I've been told before that prayers that are from the heart are very soothing and precious to the ones we lost, who are now in Heaven. The person who told me may or may not be right, but it comforts me, and gives me peace.}

Yes, I cried while I was there.

And I'll probably visit it again when we go to NYC later this year, so that my boyfriend can pay his respects.

I look forward to reading your account.

I'm not sure I could go, even still.

I'm sorry I'm just seeing this now. I live fairly close by and I would have liked to say thank you to you for all the work you did for TroopTrax and do for the Command Post. This site here is fairly spiffy as well.

I was down there 9 days after it happened as a volunteer feeding the rescue/recovery workers and a lot of times since there. Even in its "cleaned up" state, the scope of the area that was destroyed is still stunning.

After reading the paper Friday about those PA calls/transmissions, it is just another reminder of how many poor souls went to that massive office complex and never got to go home.

If you can, buy something at Century 21 or some of the local stores. They need all the help they can get.

Look forward to your report on the day.

good luck to you sweet lady
i am thinking about you today
right now it's started to rain
and i wonder if you are there now
and if the rain feels soothing
like a new beginning
it's all about healing

how is it? i haven't been since nov 10, 2001. can you still smell it from 20 blocks away? is everyone still excruciatingly polite?

i didn't know you hadn't been. i just assumed. i hope it will help you. i know it will. you'll dream about it more, but closure is important, no matter how uber-psych it sounds.


Michele, I posted my story here, if you want it.