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today's good deed

For my buddy Swerdloff:

Operation Help Nina's Brother

Nina's brother is in the army in Afghanistan (10th Mountain Division) and they're currently stationed on a base and bored out of their minds.

They could use some reading material from us here on the home front. He requested Maxim, although I'm sure FHM, Stuff, Gear, Razor or, frankly, any other magazine would do. Or books. Or anything at all, really, although I'm not sure how Knitting Quarterly would go over.

Apparently, they also have a playstation and so if you have any old games you're done with, we'll be happy to forward them as well.

I'll be sending some books, games and magazines. What about you?

Go see Swerdloff about it.


PS1 or PS2? I wouldn't want to send a game for the wrong gaming system.

We found out that they're not playstations, they're Gameboys. Apparently, they can easily fit gameboy in their packs, so that's what they use.

Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for your help!!!