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it ain't over til this fat lady sings

You don't see me belting out an opera tune, do you?

Please remember that the bet was for the series, all three games.

I'll let you in on a secret: I used my special voodoo power to make sure the Sox won last night's game. See, I think it's really very amusing to watch Red Sox fans get their hopes up so high and then...well, you know what happens after that.

Round 2 today.


sdo bl!

Ahem! The add-on bet for the sweep was for all three games, missy. The original terms were: "that the Sox take two of three from the Yanks. Winner gets a daily link from the loser, plus the loser has to say nice things about the winner's team."

Only 1 more game to go. A sweep is gravy. (I'll pick out something nice from the Sox catalog for you to wear.)

10-5. snicker

Yes. I am the Lord of the Jinx.

You are cruel, but baseball is a cruel game.