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as i continue being a zionazi

There has been much ado about Indymedia on this site lately. And not just here. It seems some of the folks within Indymedia, specifically the NYC site, are getting a little fed up with all the self-moderating that goes. Though Indymedia claims to have rules and regulations for hiding or eliminating posts, it seems that most of the deletions are driven by the agenda of whoever is moderating that particular site at the moment.

One of my big issues with Indymedia is Latuff. For the past few days, I've noticed that many Latuff posts are getting hidden. The Indymedia folk seem to be running scared and getting rid of Latuff's anti-semitic, hateful, bloody posts soon after they are posted.

However, the question remains among the denizens of Indymedia: Is Latuff anti-Semitic? In my eyes, there is no doubt. But that is neither here nor there.

As written here by an IMC moderator, some of their rules for banning a post are:

- Posts that contain generalized and negative assertions about any race, nation, creed, class, ethnic group, sexual orientation, etc.-
Posts that advocate the mass physical elimination of a specific race, nation, creed, class, ethnic group, sexual orientation, etc, or that link to websites that advocate the same.

Take a stroll through Indymedia on any given day and you will see plenty of the above. Latuff, who has been quite the subject of controversy on IMC and, until this week, has seen pretty much free reign on the American IMC sites.

Latuff does not just hate Israel and its inhabitants. He hates America. But that's not a big issue, as (a) Latuff isn't even American and (b) it's pretty much in vogue to hate America now. It's how he carries out his statements that bother me so much. He doesn't just want America to lose the war in Iraq - he wants the U.S. soldiers dead. He wants Israelis dead. And he makes no effort to hide his sentiments. Meanwhile, IMC lets this all go on, declaring that no, Latuff isn't being anti-Semitic at all! He's just pro-Palestinian.

I like to think that I had something to do with the subtle earthquake taking place on some of the IMC sites right now. I called them out, and others followed. A stream of posters went from this site to various IMCs and took them to task for the censorship policies when they are, in fact, supposed to be against censhorship.

So, let's back to the question of Latuff. Is he just an artist expressing his views without really calling for violence, without really being anti-Semetic, or is he a hateful man who wants to watch his enemies bleed and uses IMC to put those views across?

Your call. Click each for bigger image. And there's more where these came from.


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Has anyone thought to parody these with anti-latuff pictures, changing his captions or the flag colors and then reposting them to see what happens? Making an "Arafat Antichrist" or changing the word bubble in the bus cartoon? For example "I do this because my family will receive $35,000 from Saddam and I have nothing to live for because Arafat has stolen billions of dollars from me and mine while the United Nations stands idly by."

I'd think (although this is not a legal opinion, I'm not that kind of lawyer) that that would be protected parody, so copyright issues wouldn't crop up (consult your own lawyer though!!) and that if Indymedia is making any attempt at all to be anything other than shills for those who would see the world at war and Jews and Americans killed in their sleep, they'd be obliged to post the parodies, as the originals were of high enough quality to make it to the site.

Just a thought.

I don't really care if Latuff is anti-Semite or not. My problem with Indymedia (and I think your point until you got sidetracked) is that they bill themselves as a place where all sides can post news yet they hide posts at the first sign of bias, unless the bias leans the way of the current moderator. I can see killing a post that says "kill all the jews, kill all the jews" because nobody wants to see that crap. But burying posts just because you disagree with the point of view makes you NOT an open forum. Which it's their right to not be an open forum, but don't bill yourself as one if you aren't.

I say they should let Latuff post, quit calling you a zionazi, or take the word OPEN completely off their site.

it's their right to not be an open forum, but don't bill yourself as one if you aren't.

I don't guess that's really any worse than FoxNews calling itself "Fair and Balanced", is it?

What makes my head spin and my teeth clamp together in fury and disbelief is the gall of anyone who advocates violence against Israel calling other people Nazis. I mean, "Zionazi"?

Yes, I'm calling for Mr. Moron. Mr. Oxy Moron. Is he there?


I'm speechless at the amount of hate in those drawings.

The pictures he drew reminded me of some of the gang grafetti I used to see when I was, unforturnately, in a gang in my teens. Very vivid, very violent, very grim. MonkeyPants is right. There is alot of hate in those pictures. Our soldiers are dying. And his pictures don't even come close to showing how they die. As much as I'm dismayed by his art, I'm equally dismayed at the entire Iraq situation. The violence is escalating. And as a person who participated in his fair share of escalating violence, it feeds on itself and grows.

We all know about their minds, but their art work is deeply mediocre. Embarrassing really.

You are absolutely right, dave (sic). And my comment about Fox News/Fair, Balanced was that as much as I hate the unfunny son of a bitch, Al Franken should have counter sued for false and misleading advertising.

Remember when we all thought the Right was full of horrible whackjobs?

I find the site appalling, of course. I'm just saying. ;-)

A.d. Bill and Dave,

Fox News has panel discussion with contrasting points of view. Any given day you can see an ardent leftist or demoncrat in an interview. Juan Williams, Mara Liasson, Colmes, Geraldo and Greta VS, plus many other FNC news contributors are not right wingers.

Anchor Brit Hume is far less political in tone than the smirking, snide, arogant jerk Peter Jennings. In fact, I'll go ahead and say it: ABC news is far more biased to the left than Fox is to the right. Check media research center.

Indymedia never allows for opposing points of view; they call A Small Victory an "enemy website."
indymedia calls conspiracy theories news, and rumor fact. indymedia has a radical axe to grind. It suppresses rational speech in the interest of whipping up frothing socialist hatred. It didn't ever post any photos or articles showing the Iraqi Americans who supported the war, or show any news of liberated Iraqis jumping for joy... but Fox showed that and also the Iraqis that wanted us to leave. You get both sides of the story with FOx: and then their editorials reveal their conservative mindset...

Fox may be less hostile to republicans than you like, less than any of the other news orgs, but it doesn't necessarily mean their not "fair and balanced." Presenting both sides is all they need to do to earn that label.
I notice your side is fond of bashing them for that slogan, yet never offers any proof that it isn't true.


- This is an especially good example of Left/Latino Jew hatred

You might like this little quote:

Exposing this act of censorship from "imc moderator in question," Al Giordano helped all of us to learn about (1) the ability of the Zionist lobby to make pressure even on leftists; (2) the weakness on some parts of Left to deal with the Israeli campaign of aggression and occupation against Palestinians, and; (3) you will always have someone who thinks that he can decide what you can see or not, whether in the mainstream or on the IMC NYC editorial team.

BTW the poster of the above is Latuff.

What a sick f*ck.

Many german nazis found a safe haven in brazil (latuff land) after WWII. I can see why.

"It's how he carries out his statements that bother me so much"

That's the idea, man. My art intends to bother right-wingers like you.

And thanks for showing my artworks on your website. If you want to publish more cartoons, I will not complain.


Enjoy the heat!


Oops! I noticed from your email that you are a lady. I am sorry. Lemme correct it:

"It's how he carries out his statements that bother me so much"

That's the idea, madam. My art intends to bother right-winger ladies like you.


I like all the cartoons, i believe you should show the world what a bunch of lads the USA Bush and Isreals Ariel are sitting in bed together. Latuff do Shout out loud about the hypocritical! US government for funding state run terrorism by the Isreal.
Knock a few zeros of the multi Billion pound fund that the US government hands over to Isreal with no questions. That would soon get them to the negotiation table for peace with the Palestinians.
Yes US tax payer you pay for the guns and ammo that kill the Palestinians and the odd reporter that gets in the way.
For Building a wall hello Berlin Wall 2.
And focusing on what the Palastinians have to endure.

Granted violence is not the solution to anything, its a precursor to deeper and darker things.

Latuff you are a true political satirist in every respect.

OK there is good and bad in all both sides.

Its a shame I will not be writing my real name here, in a world so politically correct and paranoid I dont want to appear to be in Bushes 'Are you against us" umbrella group.


I love people who are such simpletons it makes me feel like a damn genius even thinking about it.

Funny, he said he made these pictures to "bother right-wingers like you", but his pictures should have the same effect on any human.

If you feel yourself looking at these pictures and nodding your head in agreement, chances are you have been brainwashed.

When I was younger I was into punkrock and had a pretty liberal mindset. Back then I would have probably agreed with those pictures. At the time, I was very anti-establishment. Now I realize what a stupid moron I was, and hopefully one day LATUFF will also be able to look back on these pictures he drew and realize what a tool he was.

People like LATUFF embody the very essence of radical left-wingism. Defeatist mentality. No self-esteem. The urge to feel like your fighting against something in order to give your life meaning or value. Hatred of anything powerful or successful. Identifying with victims, even though you yourself are not a victim. Although I am sure he would like the opportunity to be one, as it would give him more purpose to his life and fuel the very feelings he lives on.

Making these drawings and having his attitude towards the world gives him self esteem and a reason to live. He would probably laugh at what I have written, which is sort of expected. You would never get a liberal to admit how utterly pathetic they are.

Matt -

Is that "tool", or "fool"?

Seriously, folks, no matter where this fool is located, what passes for his brain is obviously out to lunch - permanently, it would appear.

It's pretty easy to ignore moronic foolishness like this clown's "cartoons", as he has nothing but hate to spew.

Besides - his so-called "artwork" sucks - my nephew did better than that when he was only four - and he's an auto mechanic (good one, too)!

Well, I meant tool but he is also a fool.

Tool as in he has been used and brainwashed by the radical left into being an Israeli/American hater.

This artwork is accurate. Sharon is a war criminal and Prescott Bush, old Georgie's grandfather funded and made money with the Nazi's even after WWII started the Feds froze his assets for awhile. The Bush family has it hands in blood all the time. They enjoy it. Visit David Icke's website and you can learn how truly EVIL Bush and Sharon really are. We are their pawns. Give back Palestine to the Palestinians. The Isrealis need to leave. Educate yourselves with the TRUTH, your ignorance is killing us all. --Female Disabled American Veteran.

There is no such thing as a "Palestinian". I guess we need to leave too huh? We did, after all, take North America from the natives.

Your ignorance isn't killing anyone, but I find it damn humorous.

Female Disabled American Veteran you wouldn't know TRUTH if it hit you in the face. Stop reading websites for your information.

the crack down on freedom of speech in the only democracy of the middle east is reminiscent of a moderate fascist regime

hitler kissing adolf sharon is not a reasonable cause to demand an immediate closure of the only independent forum in the "only democratic regime" of the middle east

if we do not see eye to eye it is not because u dont disagree with mua.

political art is not meant to sooth you it is meant to be a vehicle for a change.

appeasing the ruling class of any religious group is not the responsibility of the working class people
the people need to be able to create any sort of revolutionary art that appeases them

israels' reaction to the phenomenon of uncensored political forum through the independent media outlet is a testament to their ignorance intolerance and hostility to political ideas of the P E O P LE!

Hi, I am a moderate. Use to be a liberal and I gradually saw the intellectual dishonesty by liberal orgs and the media. I am pro-environment, support abortion in 1st trimester - restrictions in 2nd and 3rd like partial birth abortion, support Bush's war on terror.

I 100% agree with bleeding heart conservative. I think FOX News is fair and balanced. When I watch the news on various stations, I see the NBC,CBS,and ABC give only half the story. They don't make a serious attempt to present an intelligent argument on the conservative side.

Ex. If they talk about abortion, on the pro-life side they always highlight the people who bomb the clinics. They don't mention how Planned Parenthood tell minors who come in for an abortion - please don't tell us if you had sex with an adult. As they have to report to authorites if a minor comes in for an abortion as a result of statutory rape. If you are against abortion, you are anti-woman. I'm a woman and I don't think that. I have always been into women's rights. I went to Emma Willard School - 1st all girls highschool in America - founded in 1814. Elizabeth Cady Stanten graduated from this school, a prominent women's rights activist in the 1800s. Right up there with Susan B. Anthony.

Ex. The Ronald Reagan mini-series. They reported as censorship by a bunch of conservatives. But people who are liberals and moderates also did not like the movie because it contained falsehoods and was not a genuine protrayal of them.

FOX always has in their news reports and program both sides coming on making their arguments. They have good blend of anchors who are liberal, moderates, and conservatives. The editorials are on the conservative side, but the reporting is fair and balanced.