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bring it on

Scott Brodeur of Mass Live has taken the Red Sox/Yankees challenge one more step:

Emails Scott:

I will take you up on your Sox-Yanks bet thing. And what about this
sweetener? If there is a sweep, the fan of the losing team must post a
digital photo of her/himself on their site in a garment bearing the
insignia of the winning team?

You're on. Looking forward to seeing you in a Yankees cheerleading outfit. Or maybe just a cap.

Anyone else? Think about it carefully. Do you really want to mess with a higher being?

[Scott also has a bit up about Freakies cereal, the coolest cereal ever - besides Kaboom]

And speaking of sports, I have joined Kevin's excellent sports blog, where I will be musing in OpEds and covering local teams. Go, look. He's done a great job putting this blog together.


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I'm not sure I could lower myself THAT low....

aw.. fuck it, it'd be a borrowed Yanks garment.... you-got-it!

Ah, Michele, you are baiting me damnit!

I've got to confess that I'm too afraid to take you up on your bet; not that I fear the Red Sox losing (well there is that) but rather I fear I'll jinx everything by betting.

Hell, I may be jinxing it right now by commenting on the site of a Yankee fan on this topic.

OK. Time to go sacrifice a chicken and stick some more pins in my Soriano voodoo doll.

Go Red Sox!

That's just great. Do I succumb to the sweet temptation of the chance to laugh and point at your sorry, Yankee-huggin' butt or give in to the inescapable doom that comes with being a Sox fan?

Carpe diem! You're on, Yankeenazi swine!!

Hmm... looks like none of the Bostonites have to worry about sullying their reputation by wearing pinstripes.

10-5, baby.

Nise threat! Thanks for info!

Great comments guys. Peter FDA