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red sox v. yankees: the bet is on

Big weekend for Yankee fans.

Yanks. Red Sox. Three games. Fenway. September approaches quickly and the Yanks are up by 4 1/2 5 games over the hated Sox.

Jim, a vile, disgusting Red Sox fan (is there any other kind) has offered up a little wager. He wants to bet that the Sox take two of three from the Yanks. Winner gets a daily link from the loser, plus the loser has to say nice things about the winner's team.

What a sucker. He's on.

Any other Red Sox fans want to take this bet? Solly? Ed?

Sure, I may eat my words later, but what's a little fun between friends to break up the dread of September?


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The Yanks are up FIVE games in the loss column. Just wanted to be clear!


PS - I'd say the vile Sox are going to have trouble with this one. The Sunday matchup with Clemens is their best shot at a win, but sadly for them, Wakefield will be on the hill for the Sox.

Friday and Saturday the Yanks have Contreras and Pettite, their two hottest pitchers, going, countered by Pedro (cough, I can't pitch, I have a hangnail) and the ever tubby Derek Lowe.

I think you are safe in your bet!!!

Sox fan, here.
I've heard every type of lame trash talk from Yankee scuzz for over 30 years. I've endured 1975, 1978, 1986, 1988. I'm battle-hardened. I can handle a challenge.

You're on.

Hell yeah, you're on. Can I call them your crappy yankees until then?

look what I've started.... it's a blogwar, Red Sox fans vs. Yankees scum, I mean fans.... heh!

You're gonna be awfully busy linking us, Michele!

And you wonder why I think sports fans are pathetic? Yeesh, who gives a shit who wins? Is it a matter of life or death? Will it raise your taxes? (Well maybe: winning seasons sometimes mean the team can blackmail thier home town into wasting more money on the team and its premises.)

God's teeth, I really really don't get this. Sigh.

Who posted that about Wakefield...boy when his pitch is working he is unhittable...Clemens is just unbearable...

Sox take 4 or 5 out of the next 6! Any one up for a wager on that?

(Of course being a Sox fan I am ready to realize that we will lose all other games to the Orioles and Indians and fall out of contention without the help of the Yankees... The Curse of Realism!)

Maybe if I lose the bet, I redirect my URL for one day to your site?

Nise threat! Thanks for info!