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cake or death?

I suppose the perfect thing to take my mind off of all the 9/11 stuff and Indymedia and Mars making people go insane for a while would be the MTV Video Music Awards. There's just so much to look forward to:

Christina Aguilera dressing like a nun
James Hetfield trying to growl like he used to but just looking very constipated
50 Cent singing out of the side of his mouth
Mary Kate and Ashley looking very grown up
Madonna and Britney swapping spit

Or I can just stick pins in my eyes and run my nails down a blackboard a few times. Should have the same result, with less time wasted.

Back to being a zionazi, then.


Michele - never knew you were an Eddie Izzard fan. I think I'm in love...

[apologies to your significant other for the i love you reference]

Eddie Izzard rocks. I wish I could find more than the one show on video.

Eddie Izzard at Amazon...

Well, that was annoying.

Going to see Eddie Izzard in a couple of Months here in Chicago. Woohooo! BTW : The production quality of his earlier videos really sucks. If you haven't found the videos on the Internet yet, I can dig up his web site (really awful web interface, but the videos came from Europe somewhere in a few weeks which was pretty quick).

I tried to watch it. I really did. Is it just me or was it really, really bad this year?

BTW, Kelly Osbourne is so over...

Kelly Osbourne? Dude, MTV is so over.

Eddie Izzard is vile about Margaret Thatcher (says she has coal for a heart) and pro-Euro/EU.(He thinks those who are against the Euro/EU are xenophobic and racist).

He is funny when he stays off politics, but when he does broach the subject he comes across as a total left-wing arsehole.

Right-wing xenophobic snob.

I can get away with this because I did a Google search for Cake or Death and this site turned up... I wouldn't normally do this but I'm feeling daring today, so daring that I'll insult complete strangers in other people's archive comments.