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picking your brain (voices)

I'm trying to figure out a way to make the Voices project more readable than it was last year. I don't want people to have to scroll eight miles down a page to read all the stories because most likely they won't. Yet I want all the stories to be right there, at a glance, preferably with the author's name and a title for the story. I guess all as separate links so if someone wanted to link to a specific story, they could.

Is that making sense? Anyone have any ideas?

UPDATE: What I meant was I wanted to do it without MT tricks, because I didn't want to make each story and individual post. This is more of a design/creative question than a technical one, but I'm probably making sense only to myself, so I'll just go stand in the corner now.


Couldn't you use the Author and Title as a link to something like an extended entry that hides the text? You know what I'm saying?

Its easy.

in MT (Movable Type) you can make categories.

Just make "Voices" a MT category with each entry being its own news story.

You will have to either enter each yourself or give people access somehow to that category though not sure how to do that part.

In your Voices page, you can have just an excerpt from each - put the MTEntryExcerpt tag in place of the MTEntryBody tag. If an excerpt was entered for that entry, it will be used. As it says in the MT User Manual: "If you have not provided an excerpt for this entry, the first 20 words of the entry, followed by an ellipsis (...) will be used, instead."

Then, users can click the entry's permanent link, to read the rest of the entry.

See the User Manual for more detail

If I may throw my hat into the ring... what I would suggest is throwing the "entries" into a few categories to give them more distinction then a long "list," and then take a part of each entry that you think really covers what that person was saying/writing, and put that in the Excerpt. I'd stick the title of the "entry" in the Title slot and actually put the person's name in their (for instance "Entry 1 by Mike Smith".) Then after that you could throw a perma-link to their individual story. If this makes sense and you want help - just mail me: mts258@nyu.edu ; My uncle died in Tower 2... it would be my honor to help you.

How about something like "Tom: NYC Firefighter on his recollections of the day" or "Mary explains walking home to Tribeca from her midtown office" as a link and then people can read what Tom and Mary did.

Sorry -- that's about all I got.

I like Mara's idea.

No need for MT tricks or individual posts, just plain old HTML. The HTML A element is your friend. Specifically, when you use the "name" attribute, rather than the "href" attribute. Scroll down the page until you see the paragraph beginning with "Suppose we define an anchor named 'anchor-one' in the file 'one.html'." and you'll see a simplified example of what I am about to describe.

Basically, you could create one huge html page (call it voicespage.html, for example) with each of the stories on it. At the beginning of each new story, create an anchor such as [a name="TomsStory"]Tom's Story[/a], using angle brackets in place of square brackets of course. You could then create an index page or even a blog entry that would refer to Tom's Story with a link that looks like [a href="voicespage.html#TomsStory"]Read Tom's Story[/a], once again replacing the square brackets with angle brackets. The stuff after the # in the href attribute points to the internal anchor at the start of Tom's story, so that clicking on the link will bring up your voicespage.html file and scroll the browser to the beginning of Tom's story.

No muss, a little fuss, and a whole lot less trouble than MT hacking. Almost as easy as adding an image to your page, which you certainly know how to do.

Keep up the great work. If I can find the time to write it up, I'll be happy to submit my 9/11 recollections to your project. We must never forget it.