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your moment of zen

Put it back!

[Thanks, Chris]

You guys really outdid yourselves on that caption contest. I'm still laughing over here.


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Was the guy trying to calm him down the same wife beater shirt guy in picture 2??

Man, that was FUNNY!

Great, now instead of minding my own business and humming "Burned Beyond Recognition", I've got this urge to scream "Put it Back!" at folks walking past my office.

Now that's one angry guy. This is starting to make me want to watch TV so I don't miss, um, interesting people like him.

Oh, and that mix was Beautiful!

Some funny stuff there - I'm kinda partial to "E.T. Part II".

As hilarious as they can be, though, religious zealots are scary folks...

What an excellent mix of audio & video. How'd he do that?


But the whole time, I kept thinking of that part in the movie "Young Frankenstien" where Teri Garr gets trapped behind the secret rotating wall (triggered by removing a candle from it's holder) and you hear her saying "PUT...THE CANDLE....BACK!!!"