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but they hate us!

Just how much do those Iraqis hate us for giving them freedom from Saddam? This much:

An Iraqi couple has named their 6-week-old baby boy George Bush to show their appreciation for U.S. efforts to force Saddam Hussein out of power.

"He saved us from Saddam and that's why we named our son after him," the baby's mother, Nadia Jergis Mohammed, told the Associated Press Television News. "It was George Bush who liberated us; without him it wouldn't have happened."

Notice they didn't name the kid Jacques Chirac.

Yep, they really hate us, don't they?


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But then,who doesn't love a little bush?

Not judging one way or another since I'd have to be in Baghdad to comment, but it seems that at least one person might be a little... sore against the US perhaps?

Ah, yes, the perpetual whiner known as Riverbend (sounds like something right out of Lord of the Rings). I don't discount what she has to say. Shit, imagine having the daylights bombed out of you and see if you're not a tad bitter. Still, I think for every Riverbend you encounter, you can also find someone who's pretty grateful to be rid of Saddam, despite the uncertainty swirling through the country. And, she's sore against the U.S? Perhaps. But, she doesn't hate us.

The general populace has killed more Americans than their regular army did. I think that's a better indicator of whether they hate us than what one couple named their baby.

And enough with the French, already! THEY WERE RIGHT. Deal with it.

Thlayli, I gotta give you a knee slapping laugh for the "general populace" line. Hysterical. I'm sure the Iraqis consider the Syrian, Saudi and Iranian whack jobs in their midst to be part of the "general populace." You truly do live in a world with blinders glued securely to your face.

Yep, the French were right: the whole region is at war, the US was defeated soundly. /sarcasm

Thlayli probably thinks the French were right when they said Hamas and Islamic Jihad aren't terrorist organizations, too. What an e-tard.

Thlayli: Maybe you should ask someone who has actually been to the Middle East "When I was in the West Bank in May, I was struck by how almost every humdrum transaction of daily life takes place in the context of overwhelming social acceptance of terrorism: the posters of ‘martyrs’ in the grocery stores, the streets named after them, the competitions about them in the elementary schools. There’s none of that in Iraq. When a suicide bomber blows up the UN, no one passes out candy, there’s no dancing in the street. The dead-enders behind the attacks have no significant public support to draw on." Mark Steyn


But WHY oh why DO they hate us ... I reallly need to know so i can validate my otherwise meaningless hopeless godless existence through others other than myself -- oh please tell me WHY!

Can I have the link to that story? I've got a serious ass-helmet at work who says every Iraqi wants to kill us and that they were happier without us there.

And I've read that Riverbend site. Quite a few American English colloquialisms for a true Iraqi. I don't really buy it, and I'm waiting on a confirmed IP to see where the posts are coming from.

1 couple names their child after Bush.

37,000 dead civilians ( http://www.wanniski.com/showarticle.asp?articleid=2855 ) as a result of the Americans.

I think 1 couple loves you, but I think of many more that don't.

Hey Vinnie, how many people has Saddam killed? Where was your outrage then? FYI I am posting the article below


Hey Chico:

Settle down Beavis. I not outraged at the Americans killing 37,000 civilians in order to liberate Iraq; you’d be foolish to think civilians wouldn’t be killed in a war zone. I’m concerned with the “oh look the Iraq’s like us, they really, really like us” mentality. If each of those civilians has 1 person pissed off and vows revenge, that’s a whole lot of PO’d people. With guns, I might add. Which in turn creates dead soldiers. You would not be one of them, seeing as you’re behind a computer and all.

Some Iraqi’s like the American invasion and occupation, some don’t. Some Americans like the invasion, some don’t. As a Canadian, I’m really thankful we aren’t paying for this invasion and occupation at the tune of $10 billion/month and soldiers lives. Not my money. Unfortunately, when the US economy farts, Canada has to smell it.

BTW where are those pesky WMD’s?

Well, if half of Canada didn't feel the need to cross the bordor to go shopping, maybe that wouldn't be. Maybe if the Canadian governmetn would quit strangling the Canadian businesses then the Canadian dollar might buy something worthwhile. Then, maybe, oh please God maybe, Canadians would stay in freakin Canada.


Don't know where the WMD's are, don't care.

BTW, butthead, your 37,000 death claim is f***ing ludicrous. Even your dictator-loving pals at iraqbodycount.net claim 6,000-7,000 "civillian" deaths total since the war began (including ba'athist thugs, suicide bombers and the Hussein boys).

A Canuck, eh? You didn't seem to mind the bully to the south when we opened auto plants in Ontario or kept the Nazis and Soviets away with our military. You have been living off our "farts" for the past two hundred years and seem to be doing OK. Although it's too bad that your socialist health care system is falling into demographic oblivion.

And thanks for your concern about whether the Iraqis like us or not. But since you and your chicken-sh*t country didn't lift a finger to remove Hussein, forgive me if I tell you to go fuck yourself.

I like the story,it has a personel,man in the street quality about it,unlike what we`ve seen or read lately.I remember when this war(IraqII) first started I was watching Fox news interviewing a man in Basra and the man was proudly showing his young son who was named Dick Cheney,named after the ,then Sec.of Def.
To know that the efforts of or military in freeing them from a brutal regime is apprieciated by the common Iraqi is heartwarming to those of us of like minds in this matter and to the men and women in uniform who have to do the dirty work and fight the wars and keep the peace.Too many stories and articles that I see on the news or read in the paper seem as if the reporter doesn`t want to actually work up a sweat and get dirty.They predominantaly interview the privileged of the former regime who,of course,are angry at the U.S.What privileged person wants to stop the status quo?

"They predominantaly interview the privileged of the former regime who,of course,are angry at the U.S.What privileged person wants to stop the status quo?"

If 'Riverbend' is for real, that probably sums her up in a nutshell right there.

Hey Chico:

Apparently civil discourse has gone out the window.

Too bad you are too much of a poosay to reveal your e-mail address. Typical neocon.

In addition to your cowardice, you are also clearly stupid. Keep Nazi's away? Dumbass, Canada was fighting WW2 for 2 years before the US reversed it's neutrality (all it took was Pearl Harbour).

Soviet's at bay? Hardeeharharhar!! Chicken-shit country? You clearly aren't doing any fighting.

Hae a good day.

Don't worry yanks, everyone loves you.
You're a bunch of adorable little fat fucks shooting roots in your couches, who, by the end of the day, are more concerned with wether or not the bachelor chooses the blond hoe or the other blond hoe than anything else.
Sure, not everyone agrees with you that a strawberry soy latté with vanilla synthetic-cream and mini-marshmellows is more natural than gay marriage. But hey...You can bomb them all into oblivion.
Gotta love that.

You do a good work, keep it going