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hide the children!

I think I read this somewhere - perhaps it was one of those Nostradamus books, but I don't remember, so I'll just quote it as best I can from memory. If that memory serves me right, we are doomed.

"And so it will be that when the stone symbol is removed from its base and god is thusly murdered, on the same calendar month that the planet of Mars causes buildings to explode in India, in the same week Mars causes a shift in hormones that shall make women want to lay down with a monster called Frankenstein, then that is when the apocalypse shall come forth and obliterate us once and for all. And not a moment too soon, I tell you."

Scary shit out there, folks. Be careful. And whatever you do, don't look directly into the face of Mars or you will spontaneously combust. I think Nostradamus said that too.


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What did Nostradamus say about a victorious dead moppet being named an enemy by haters of the chosen?

If you assign a numerical value to each of the letters in "Nostradamus", add them, and multiply by today's Julian date, you get the phone number of the SF Indymedia HQ.

That is scary.

I knew something was wrong when I gave birth to a two headed calf while inking.

Steve, you violated the First Commandment of the Prophet Bartholomew: Don't have a cow, man.