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I am stacy's bitch

I ask, she makes. What more could someone want from a master?


Feel free to steal it, but save it to your own damned server or I'll bust a cap in yo ass.

Don't forget, the friend of an enemy is an enemy as well, so that makes all of you enemies of Indymedia. Guilt by association and all.


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I'll steal it if they ever make me an enemy. That's pretty fun--and can you really think of a better compliment than to have riled up those bastards enough that they go to this much trouble to annoy you.

I'm putting it on the fort!

We're in...on the sidebar!

Oooh...I gotta have one of those! Thanks!

I couldn't be prouder to be guilty by association of anything else!

(did that make sense? Pretend it did ok?)

Thanks so much, I've really been wanting one of these!

Indymedia licks monkey anus. If I ever get my damn blog rolling I'll be stealing a copy of that.

I could think of no greater honor you could have received, Michele. Display it proudly.

Imperial Keeper

Cool! Now we need this in a bumpersticker for my car.

That's perfect. I'll display it prominently.

Up on my blog, along with a lon-goverdue blogroll. (Revel in the 0.003 readers my site will refer per day!)

Is there, like, an official Enemies List? Can we apply to someone at Indymedia to get on it? I'd feel better displaying the Enemy banner if I were on an official list, and all. And I'm sure it would lighten the task of the Indymedia moderators if they could simply check links against an Official Enemies List to determine whether posts should be removed or not.

I was over at Tim Blair's blog telling the idle right that the left is grateful to them for making us feel vindicated and some rude cynic said I should stop reading Indymedia!

What the hell is indymedia? can't make much sense of it from what i read above...

suffer the little children.

love billy