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enemy at the gates!

That person from Indymedia who thought he could shut me up by shutting me down was obviously mistaken. I give him an A for Effort, though. He posted his screed on several Indymedia sites in an effort to spread the word. However, the San Francisco/Bay Area site decided to put his post into the hidden bin.

Why do you suppose they did that? Because it was encouraging censorship? Because he used words like zionazi and jewpropaganda? Because it's wrong to threaten to shut down someone's site when they disagree with you?

If you answered None of the Above, you win the prize.

An IMC moderator/editor wrote:

This was hidden because it contained a link to an enemy website. No, you may *not* advertise enemy websites here.

The maturity of the editors of such a "powerful and imporant" news outlet makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

I've made it to enemy status and for that, I am proud. I wonder if they can make me a small button to put on this site. Enemy of Indymedia, 2003. I think I'll go and ask.


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"Enemy of Indymedia/First Up Against The Wall/Yadda Yadda Blah Blah/"

Now if that don't just take the cake. Congratulations!

I'm beginning to suspect that Indymedia is run by the same people that write The Onion. Surely no one can be that ironic without premeditated intent.

I've never visited Indymedia's site due to all the negative comments I've read on so many blogs.

I'm really struck that they have "enemy websites." Reminded me of Nixon's "enemies list."

No! You can not come into our fort! You are a girl and girls are the enemy and they've got cooties, and no one with cooties is allowed on our fort! Especially the enemy girls!

Fucking Priceless.

Let's get their mommies to call them, so when they come out of the fort the girls can get their cooties all over them, and then get cooties all over inside the fort so they can't use it anymore.

"enemy website"??

Lord, are they third graders? I remember being told when I was 8, by the kids that lived down the street, that I wasn't allowed to climb a tree in the empty lot next door or I'd be their enemy, and if I touched the treehouse, well then I'd be dead.

Maybe those kids grew up to run Indymedia!

Hey, no fair! We want to be an 'enemy website' too!

Their editors must be dizzy from talking in circles all day.

BTW, love the "yea, I get it. I know your damn words!!" I might have to watch that again tonight.

This is NOT censorship! It is just a refusal to accept 'advertising' about 'enemy' websites who will not be named.

Just because idio-media refuses to allow you to be 'objectively critiqued' because their readers cannot be allowed to view divergent viewpoints does not mean it is censorship...


No way... Not censorship...

It is... Uhhh... mmmm... protecting the idio-media readership from evil Joo Appeasers Who think the murder of innocent women and children is never acceptable under any circumstances when we know that some times it is ok (like if it is only being done to Joos who are not human anyway by idio-media standards.)

Yeah, thats' the ticket!

"...enemy website"?

Well, boo-frickin'-hoo.

That's going to have to be a big-ass button, what with the need to fit on it "Enemy of Indymedia, Zionazi," and "Jewpropagandess." I hope the little dead girl squashes it.

Click here.

Right click, "Save Target As"...

You should print that post and frame it for posterity.

wizane wrote:
Their editors must be dizzy from talking in circles all day.

Talking? I was thinking more like jerking.

I found the article in another hidden bin (SF portion too, but they weren't on the same page... real organized).. this time the reason was "it is anti-Semitic." - http://sf.indymedia.org/news/2003/08/1638201.php and then - http://michiganimc.org/newswire/display/3036/index.php - "Hidden with code "Policy Violation""

Fun fun fun

I want to play too! Can I be an Indymedia enemy? Please pretty please?

Come on, it's not that surprising. Would YOU ever link to an enemy website? Or allow comments that did?
Or talk about one in post after post, linking each time?

I went to the link in question and indeed they stated "This was hidden because it contained a link to an enemy website. No, you may not advertise enemy websites here."

You caught them in the act.

Now they have changed the reason!

The response has been changed to : "it's anti-Semitic."

What blatant liars inhabit Indymedia!

It looks like they completed deleted the message at the SF nazimedia site. First they changed the "enemy" comment to "anti-semetic" now they have completed deleted the post.

Check it out: http://sf.indymedia.org/news/2003/08/1638201.php

No censorship at Nazimedia. None at all I tells ya.

You're right. It has changed. Anyone save a copy from yesterday?

Actually, Indymedia's main website is no longer coming up... strange isn't it?