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it's oh, so quiet

I miss my kids.

They've been gone only since Sunday afternoon and we've done the whole run around the house naked/turn the stereo up/watch violent movies thing.

I miss their noise. It's much to quiet, which is odd since the quiet is what I was most looking forward to.

If they were home, the would be complaining and whining and fighting over the computer and begging to watch South Park and DJ would be screeching on the guitar and Natalie would be screeching on the phone and I would pour a glass of wine and tell them to please.shut.up.now.

I don't know why I miss that, but I do. They'll be home on Friday and then they take off again until Monday evening. And then school starts and bam! the summer is gone and all those days that stretched out before us will somehow come to an abrupt end.

Then it's homework and baseball and guitar lessons and more homework, all smashed like like peanut butter between two silces of bread that are Saturday and Sunday, days which, unfortunately, they spend with their father.

They just called from the pool at the hotel and they're having a grand time. Natalie wants to move to Salem and live like a witch. DJ thinks he crashed into Plymouth Rock in a past life. They love Massachussets. They don't want to come home.

Don't they know I miss them?

I'll clean up their room while they are gone and hope my mother remembers to make them buckle up in the car. I'll eat Fruit Pebbles for breakfast just because.

And then I'll find a broken CD or a ten day old cheese sandwhich under Natalie's bed and I won't miss them, not at all.

But then I will.

It's oh, so quiet.


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hey, I thought you said you guys were gonna keep your underwear on!

shocked, I tell you SHOCKED!

They're insidiously evil that way, eh? You want them to get the hell out...until they do. It was horrible when Emily was gone for a whole month!

I had no one to tell me how wrong and stupid I was...besides my wife, of course. But she doesn't have that exhasperated sigh and eye-rolling thing down like my daughter. You know the one, I'm sure. ;)

Enjoy them while you can - in 30 or 40 years, they may just move to the other side of town.

Ok, I'll be the mushy one...I love reading posts like this Michele.

We see too much about parents not caring...it is so refreshing and wonderful to read about parents who do...

Bet you find porn.

I felt the same way when my kids went camping recently. I thought it was going to be one big ass party while they were gone, celebrating my freedom for the weekend. Instead, I sat here in the house, aching for them to come home. Damn kids. ;)

Well honey, you read my maudlin ass when Spidey was gone for three days. Thought I was going to die. And I've been kinda-sorta-halfway pissed at my inlaws for taking him, ever since.

Moms. We're a bunch of nuts, you know?

As the father of 6 small kids - this made me smile real BIG inside. Our children are a product of "Hers, Mine, Ours" and they are all under the age of 9. They make such a racket - it's insane. Sometimes I just have to send them all outside to get a second of peace and quiet; But I always notice, at some point or other, that "it's too quiet". I crack a window just so I can hear them. I wonder if it's so I can keep tabs on them, or if it's so I can HEAR them...There is nothing like the distant sound of children playing. We've gone on a few parents only vacations, and the day that we are coming home is always a day filled with "missing the kids".

This post made me miss my kids - and I'm going home to them in an hour and a half ;-)

Natalie wants to move to Salem and live like a witch.

I've got news for her, she doesnt have to live in Salem, she can do that anywhere!