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what i did on the last day of my vacation

[In essay form, with props.]

[click for bigger, crappier image]I really did take all your suggestions to heart. Some of them I just couldn't find and some of them just didn't appeal to me, but I really looked at each and every book suggested, if it was on the shelves. Yes, I know that's a crappy picture and frankly, I'm sure most of you aren't even interested in what I bought today but that's just tough crap, because I'm telling you anyhow. I told you shopping makes me cranky.

I also had many of the things suggested, especially the Gaiman stuff.

On the DVDs, we got a bonus pack of El Mariachi with Desparado; Requiem For A Dream (Director's Cut); Animal House (Double Secret Probation Edition); Legends Of The Fall; The Simpons Season 3 package; Fistful Of Dollars; For A Few Dollars More; Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon.

At Borders, we came away with the paperback versions (I have the hardcovers) of Gaiman's Good Omens and Neverwhere; Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game; The Sandman Companion; Glen Cook's Black Company; Phillip Pullman's The Subtle Knife (I loaned that someone and never got it back); Complete Works of Poe; Lovecraft's Call Of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories; Fishticks (The Rise and Fall Of The New York Islanders) and Neil Stephenson's Snow Crash.

After that was Hot Topic, where I bought some band shirts (New Found Glory, Sum 41, Good Charlotte and Simple Plan)for DJ to wear to school because he has declared that the only thing he will wear is band shirts (remind me to write about his clothing idiosyncracies sometimes). By the way, Hot Topic is running a a buy one, get one half price sale on band shirts. We also picked up an Invader Zim notebook for each of us at HT. And I replaced my Short Music For Short People CD, which had fallen into the vortex of missing things that lies somewhere in my closet and was never seen again.

We went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch where I negated my workout at the gym today by having dessert for my meal.

Except for the maddening crowds at every store, and except for the idiots at Roosevelt Field mall and except for the madmen on the road today, it was a stellar day.

Oh and mothers of teenage girls: Why do you let your daughters walk around with pants so low that you can practically see what their natural hair color is? Not only is it disgusting and whorish looking, but the fact that most of these girls were with their mothers and/or fathers made me want to stab those parents in the eyes. Three times.

Now, which book to read and which DVD to watch first when I get back from my therapy at the batting cages?


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I say Desperado (Do sexier people than Antonio and Salma exist?) and Call Of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories (ah, how I love my Lovecraft).

Here's the thing about Snow Crash: At least when you start it, you should be sitting on your couch, perhaps with your feet up, and perhaps with a favorite beverage handy.

The first chapter of Snow Crash is among the finest, smoothest writing I have ever read. It's like reading silk, or drinking especially smooth whiskey. You want to be able to savor it.

Damn. That pic closely resembles the contents of my bedroom bookshelf...

LOVED the Phillip Pullman. Have you read The Amber Spyglass? Whew! What a trilogy!!

The "Desperado" duo. Get yourself ready for "Once Upon a Time in Mexico". As for the reading material, since fall sports time is coming, the Islanders book sounds good to me.

You only want to stab them in the eyes THREE times? Man, you've got some kind of restraint.

It's weird...
I was just in a mall today (a rare occurance for me) and the young girls out here in SF do NOT dress like that. More like grunge eskimos.
Maybe it's an East Coast thing...?

Ok, you made some good choices. The Black Company! Good call there. Snow Crash, Enders Game also good choices. You did not get the Gene Wolfe series;'Shadow & Claw: The First Half of the Book of the New Sun: The Shadow of the Torturer/the Claw of the Conciliator' and 'Sword & Citadel: The Second Half of the Book of the New Sun: The Sword of the Lictor and the Citadel of the Autarch' so you blew it as far as reading choices go... And as far as movies... I do not see 'The Game' in your little pile. That is only the best movie sof the last twenty years. 'The Game' is a movie Hitchcock would have been happy and proud to have made. But he didn't. It is a truly great movie. Better than anything (that I can make out) in your pile...

Good God alive! Is there one place on earth where all of these items are available within a short drive of each other? What is this place called and how do I get to it?!

America truly is the land of consumerism, but screw that... go watch Requiem, it has a really filthy scene with Jennifer Connolly and another actress...

Ender's Game. You can imagine Ender and the other cadets doing military maneuvers on the parents of those kids. Satisfaction by proxy.

Ooh. You're going to love Neverwhere and Good Omens. Both are can't-put-it-down entertaining and darkly hysterical.

If you like Lovecraft, you might enjoy Colin Wilson's The Mind Parasites.

Do you already have The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, or was it a horrible oversight?