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double brownie sundae hangover

I'm up way too early after having a bit too much to drink - and eat - last night. But I have to get some things done, like going to the gym which I haven't been to since I got sick, and getting the house clean, which I haven't touched since Saturday or so, before we head out on a day long shopping extravaganza as we treat ourselves to birthday/anniversary presents.

The day will include stops at several comic book stores, Borders, Best Buy and wherever else our road trip radar takes us. Later tonight, it's a quiet dinner (I'm still thinking of the LI/NY blogger bash, but it won't be this week) with Faith and tomorrow it's back to work after a wonderful mini-vacation. So yes, posting will be light today, heavy tonight as I gloat over all the stupid stuff we spent our money on and bitch and moan about the comic book stores around here.

I just want to send thanks everyone who sent/posted birthday and anniversary wishes, and everyone who sent me cards and presents and to the very lovely, generous people who donated to Magen David Adom in my name this week. While it sounds a bit sappy, your friendship is what I treasure most but hey, I'm not one to turn down material possessions, either. I am, after all, a capitalist pig at heart.

Thanks to my lovely sisters and their spouses and my nephew David for joining us for a drunken, fattening evening and to the dork waiters at Friday's for singing that stupid birthday song to me while I tried to light my cherry on fire.

Did I say I would be at Bertucci's? I guess I meant Fridays. So sorry about that. So if any of you NYC Indymedia fans really came out to Long Island to throw blood on my SUV, maybe next time. It's just as well, anyhow, as my Jewish brother-in-law was with us and he was packing heat and more than willing to defend his zionazi sister-in-law.

Just another half hour of sleep, I think, before I rant about the idiocy of Bill Maher.


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"Living it up
It's a big kick.
It's good for you."

(Tones on Tail, GO!)

Happy damn birthday to the best blogger on earth. Bar none. You are my hero.


I'm sure Bertucci's thanks you.

Just a half hour to prepare for ripping apart Maher? Jeez, to do an adequate hack job of the idiocy of that muppet, I'd require at least 17 hours of sleep to ensure a 500,000+ word tirade.

You tried to light your cherry?

[decides not to post obvious sexual reference]

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