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i was a zionazi jewpropgandist

Unfortunately for the Indymedia trolls, this site still stands. Apparently the call to arms to shut me down has resulted in a total of about eight hits from various Indymedia sites today. I am disappointed. I thought that those moonbats had it all together when it came to activism.

A few items of interest for those who have arrived here in a zealous effort to shut me up:

Reading through this novel-length comment from an IMC Moderator sure did give me some laughs.

Wow. It must be especially galling for a bunch of right-wing extremists (used to having the American system schill for their every beck and call) to be confronted with a left-wing news alternative that is actually both powerful AND popular. "A Small Victory"? Ha. I'm sure that all five people that have heard of you wish that they had 1/10th as much influence on the political scene as Indymedia.
[read the rest of the comment here]

Not that I need to prove anything to those who can't take the time to figure things out for themselves, but I should tell you that if you take a look around here, you will see that I am pretty far from a right-wing extremist.

There is no thought in my mind that I have any influence on the political scene. However, this is just a weblog; I don't purport to be any sort of media maven. Rest assured, however, that my readers (which include liberals as well as conservatives) number in the thousands and collectively they have more common sense, dignity, respect and brains than the entire roster of writers, publishers, editors and posters of Indymedia combined.

The anti-semitic, socialism-loving people of Indymedia indeed have some guidelines to posting. However, their guidelines are broken on a daily basis. For instance, the moderator claims that the reason for hiding posts include:

- Posts which are obviously incorrect or misleading. This includes attempts to spread dis-information or to impersonate another individual. For example, a poster once posted a cartoon under the name “Latuff” when in fact it was drawn by another artist.

But if they are posted by the real Latuff, then that's ok. Nevermind that Latuff's cartoons often depict dead Jews and advocate killing Jews. As for the disinformation, all the conspiracy posts that appear on Indymedia (meaning the "Bush is responsible for...." without any factual data to back up the claim) are often misleading or obviously incorrect.

Posts that contain generalized and negative assertions about any race, nation, creed, class, ethnic group, sexual orientation, etc.

You are kidding me, right? Every day you can find on any Indymedia site posts of that nature. Especially if they are about Jews. Negative assertions about a nation? Hell, what would IMC be without negative assertions of America? It would be empty!

Anyhow, thanks for all the attention and laughs today. I find it sort of thrilling to be called a zionazi jewpropagandist, so much so that I think I'll have it inscribed on my office door. Zionazi would make a really nice vanity license plate as well.

I'd love to play with you more and sit around watching you try to take down my site (which, by the way, is so much of that censorship you are always crying about), but I've got things to do. See, it's my birthday and I'm going to celebrate by getting into my SUV and driving to a corporate owned chain restaurant, where I will dine on some dead animals. Why don't you stop by? I'll be at Bertucci's in Westbury at about 6:15. You can come and throw a bucket of blood on my car and I'll buy you a drink.


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Many happy returns of the day!

You have Zionazijewpropagandistism? I hear they have a cream for that now.

(What a bunch of twonks. Since you dealt with IMC in a professional manner, I can resort to simple name calling. :)

Well, damn. I was going to get you a pair of knee-high jack-boots for your birthday, but it appears you have some already.

What do you get for the Zionazi who has everything?


A Small Victory:
Alexa - 65,801
Google page rank - About 60% to 70%

Alexa - 639,064
Google page rank - About 50%

Actually A Small Victory is both MORE powerful AND popular!!!

And I thought I was the only liberal reader out there. sniff

S'okay, Michele. I feel your pain. I got called a liberal today. (A liberal without a sense of humour. Just 'cuz I don't like Ann Coulter and think she's stridently bigoted.) It only hurts more because I actually like the people who called me that. Sigh.

Give 'em hell Michele!

Zionazi would make a really nice vanity license plate as well.

I'd love to see the DMV clerk's face when you ask for that -- "You want what???"

Happy B-day!

Thanks for the view inside the mind of a troll! Personally, I can't visit Indymedia. The madness washes over me until the words run together.

Actually, Michele, you are a right-wing extremist.

When compared with Indymedia's denizens, that is.

I imagine if they even saw a picture of William F. Buckley they'd spontaneously combust in a furious bout of righteousness.

I'd pay to see that, actually.

Make sure that when you go out tonite in your SUV to eat meat that you're wearing a fur coat and a leather miniskirt. Happy Bday/anniv.

Happy Birthday!!

I didn't link onto your page until the blogathon and have only been here a few times (comparatively I'm guessing) since. If it weren't for you I would never have heard of Indymedia. It seems to me that they should thank you for some of the hits they do get, considering your site is much more popular.

It never ceases to amaze me how people will initiate smear campaigns against bloggers. I just don't get it. I mean ...wait, maybe I'm wrong, but there's this x in the upper right corner of my browser. I thought everyone had one. Am I wrong?

Happy Birthday again and hope you had a great time at Bertucci's. Damn I reeeally want some vodka pasta with garlic bread now. Ou or that seasoned bread you dip in garlic and herb infused olive oil . salivating I think an Italian restaurant might be in order.

Keep on keepin' on, Michele.

btw, my name is Michèle and it's my birthday today, too! Neat!

Just put my two cents in on that comment.

Can't anyone over there use paragraphs, punctuation or capital letters?

Chin up, kiddo. You're tops in my book.

Can't anyone over there use paragraphs, punctuation or capital letters?

Of course not. That would be giving in to the white male power structure.

First off, Happy Birthday!

Of course you're not a right-wing nut-job, I certainly wouldn't spend time here if you were.

Observing from afar, I'd say you're an intelligent, funny, literate, insightful, hot-blooded, warm-hearted, innately passionate woman who has a tendency to let herself get a little too easily riled up by all the left-wing nut jobs out there.

Taken as a whole, it's definitely a winning package.
Best B-day wishes...

Observing from afar, I'd say you're an intelligent, funny, literate, insightful, hot-blooded, warm-hearted, innately passionate woman who has a tendency to let herself get a little too easily riled up by all the left-wing nut jobs out there.

I dunno. Sounds pretty right-wing to me! ;)

Happy Birthday!!!!!

I really need to start my own blog, pissing moonbats off on a one at a time basis just loses it's luster after seeing this :).
Hmmm maybe I can start posting about my strip club visits and become a mysoginazi....

You're my hero!!! Go Michele!

oh dear. i had my first look ever at indymedia and am now in deep mourning over the brutal abuse the english language is taking at that weblogs hands. it is hard even to penetrate to the political message (distasteful) through the grammar (truly abysmal). if the pen truly is mightier than the sword (i have spent my life hoping and praying it is so, though not always believing it), then indymedia's site is a blunt weapon, and he is beating himself to death with it. i have every intention of cecking in regularly to watch the intellectual self immolation. and happy belated birthday.

Michele, I, uh, hope you carry a gun if you're going to be in the habit of telling barking moonbats wHere you're going to be at a given time. Otherwise, that's not a game you should be playing, darlin'.

Getting moonbats howling is great sport, I agree. I just wish I could find a couple of smart ones out there to discuss politics with. Unfortunately, they seem to feel that as soon as their arguments get weak, they have to disappear. They believe what they believe because they, like Creationists, share a set of largely unexamined, and unexaminable premises (Bush bad - Clinton good, Profit bad -Taxes good, etc etc). Once they figure out that calling your attention to the fact that you are ignoring part of the liberal catachism does not win you over or shut you up, they give up.

For example, I would like to have seen evidence that Ann Coulter is "stridently bigoted". I expect none, I doubt it could be found without appeal to a fastidious interpretation of PC. They are not even smart enough to see that appealing to a set of shared group beliefs will not expand their political power. Only winning arguments on the merits, and based on a larger shared set of beliefs of the American people would do that. Even Howard Dean seems to get this, though his most ardent supporters, as far as I can tell, do not.

There are a lot of interesting sites on Groupthink and 'mindguards'. Work that was done way before the current set of moonbats appeared.

Indymedia isn't worth your time except as comic relief. See for yourself. Go to their main website and post a conservative article, then watch the responses. It's an amusing way to kill some time.

A day late and many dollars short, but I hope it was a happy birthday for you. One of your slack-jawed zionazi readers salutes you on your day.

Happy Birthday.

It's shocking when someone calls you a right-wing extremist, huh?

If they think I'm an extremist (or you), they ought to see some of my e-mails.

"The anti-semitic, socialism-loving people of Indymedia "

That's redundant. "Nazi" is a contraction of National Socialist. Among the demands of the National Socialist German Worker's Party, Munich, February 24, 1920 -

"We therefore demand:

11. The abolition of all income obtained without labor or effort.

12. In view of the tremendous sacrifices in property and blood demanded of the nation by every war, personal gain from the war must be termed a crime against the nation. We therefore demand the total confiscation of all war profits.

13. We demand the nationalization of all enterprises (already) converted into corporations (trusts).

14. We demand profit-sharing in large enterprises.

15. We demand the large-scale development of old-age pension schemes.

16. We demand the creation and maintenance of a sound middle class; the immediate communalization of the large department stores, which are to be leased at low rates to small tradesmen. We demand the most careful consideration for the owners of small businesses in orders placed by national, state, or community authorities.

17. We demand land reform in accordance with our national needs and a law for expropriation without compensation of land for public purposes. Abolition of ground rent and prevention of all speculation in land."

It goes on, but it's all in line with the Indymedia ideals.

Of course the socialists hate the Jews, they've hated them for 80 years.

I've always thought the political labeling conventions were a little strange. It just seems that those on both extremes are conditioned to dismiss anyone even the slightest bit right/left of them as either as a greed-maddened, war-mongering, baby-eating "ZIONAZI JEWPROPANDIST" or a parasitic, God-hating, drug-addled COMMIE. I think if Indymedia were to be forced to write without the use of such labeling, what would they have left to write?

I just checked out indymedia for the first time... you know, if this many clueless people gathered together in one place in the real world, the vaccum created by their collective lack of common sense could quite possibly rip a hole in the fabric of space/time. As the ever wise Bill the Cat would say, Ack! Phhfffftttttt!

Compared to me and my Readers, yer a bleeding-heart Lefty.

You don't want to KNOW what that makes those weasels at IndyMedia...

The truly amazing thing is that people like those closed minded bigots at Indymedia very seriously DO believe that they are being fair and reasonable - after all, they are only printing The Truth, "Zionazi" is just a statement of fact, and America is run by a bunch of evil corporate types, right? So anything said against them MUST be an unprovoked attack, just a desperate attempt to keep The Truth hidden -- and that just helps reinforce how bad those Anti-Truth, Wrong Thinking attackers are.

It took me years to realize there really were people like that. I used to think that folks like this MUST know better - you couldn't be that irrational and not be in a straight jacket, right? - but I finally realized that yes, they really do believe what they are saying. You can't reason with them. A conversation sometimes can be fun, but it doesn't accomplish anything useful. You can only hope they don't go too far off and become another Unibomber or Osama.

Michelle I'm about to leave my wife. Can I go eat with ya? ;]

Seriously though, Indymedia is nothing but stupid kids and commies trying to establish some sort of web relevance.
Their biggest obstacle is that in cyberspace, everyone can tell when you lie (because you cant shut us up).


Interesting. Isn't that an ancient tribe in Arizona?

Happy B-day

Values that America wants to export:

Democracy - from the people who gave us George W Bush and an election fraud!

Prosperity - from the people who gave us Enron and corrupt "businessmen" (read fraudsters)!

Freedom - from the people who gave us Camp Xray!

American hypocrisy sucks ... DUMB AMERICA DESERVES TO BE NUKED FOR BEING SO ARROGANT AND STUCK UP ITS OWN ARSE - you think democracy is so great? - then share responsibility for the actions of your leaders! And share the consequences - thats democracy ...


Zionists are as Jewish as a pork sandwich - is "israel" the terrorist rogue state really the "Jewish" homeland? Why were the zionists considering Uganda and other nations for occupation before they decided that Palestine should be ethnically cleansed to make room for fake "Jews"? Jews and zionists are not the same thing - death to the zionist entity occupying Palestine.

I read about this in a small article of a Berkeley, CA newspaper. While I still do not know all the details, I do have to say this, throwing around terms like "zionazi" and joking about it isn't actually funny, unless you have a penchant for laughing about what the state of Israel does not only to peace-seeking Palestinians, but peace-seeking Israelites and Jews as well. Add to that note that, yes, the term "zionazi" is a contradiction in terms, but at the same time, it is meant to target zionism, a political ideology sold off as religion much the same as Hitler sold off his political ideologies as a means to preserve a race and country. As far as socialists hating Jews, that's a lie, and can also be seen as a contradiction. I have quite a few friends who themselves are Jewish AND Socialists in the tradition of Marx, Trotsky, Lenin, Engels, Douglass, and Debbs. Neither of them hate being Jewish or are attempting to kill Jews. One last thing, as far as this whole "anti-semitic" and "anti-semitism" being thrown around aimlessly, I do need to point out that many a time (especially with Google.com and the whole fiasco with them not showing posts with the word "zionazi" to locate articles written about Israel and Zionists at one point, but allowing "rag head" and "camel jockey" to locate articles written about Arabs and Muslims, as the article I read indicated), "semite" equals Jewish to many folks, but the fact is if one is anti-semitic, they are also anti-Palestinian as well as anti-Jewish. Palestinians are semites, too. I probably won't be back on this site, so I don't even know if this will be posted, but just wanted to throw that out there for whoever may have wanted to read this.

The world afraid to be called anti semite against those who are not semites.. to be called racist against those who have no race?
Why would Christians support a Cult who teaches such filth about Jesus Christ?
Many groups promote their groups as discussion / debate groups .. open forms? BUT when you publish opposing arguments they can not counter, they use junior high name calling or personal attacks.
They boot you out of the group... the only these propaganda pushers can push their BS is by controlling what their lemmings get to read.
Some readers in groups have the ability to think and defend their beliefs with out someone telling them what to think.. with out controlling what they can read.
In case the screen door is slammed on my rear as soon as I ruffle a nazi censor's feathers, I just send my master links. Those who get post by e-mail will receive my links and the nazi controller can't put the cork back in the bottle.
If you are one of the group owners who are not those who delete post, boot people off the group to shut up your adversaries, none of this applies to you.... but if you are... your group will know what you really are ... and I can skip away ... love and kisses to you.
Those on this list can forward these master links and counter or contribute to our group if I am booted here. Jews-uncensored-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
I an neither an Arab, a Muslim, a "Jew" nor a white supremacist. I am a blond hair blue eye American mutt of some mix.
The 911 caper did not begin in that year, but we have to look back through the history of the middle east and our own crook politicians to see how the chain of events evolved.
It began with a hated European cult, who made themselves stink they were booted out of 88 areas or entire European nations in 1500 years.
It was followed by the UN giving over half of an Arab country to a hated cult the Europeans wanted to get rid of.
It is fueled by our own party mob bosses which sells the ass of America in return for the political bribes from this subtle cult.
And it is supported by ignorant Christians who think they are the descendants of the Israelites.
The scriptures and anthropology identifies the Israelites and by the bible they were a composite of 27 Arab nations... they were brown face, black hair natives of the middle east.. not pale face, blond hair Europeans like me.
For anyone who uses the bible to justify this hated cult invading, murdering and taking the land of the Palestine... This is all the bible information you are ignorant of.
I suggest Arab authors, forensic and anthropology, bible scholars read what I say and prove me a liar.. or face the fact this cult has deceived the world ... "Christians" totally ignorant of the hate and filth believed and taught in their Talmud against Christ and Christian
Broken links / Missing pictures, send the url to biblearabs@juno.com
Contribute or challenge my assertions in public
!!! X JEWS, If you used to be a Jew, ENLIGHTEN US
HINT : When viewing a page I often include hyperlinks to cross references to prove some point. If you are tempted to click on the link, FIRST read the entire page to complete that thought / information, then go back and follow that link.
How to save any web page to your hard drive http://arabisraelites.fortunecity.net/bibweb.htm
Tired of hearing "Your Old Testament" is false, our Tanakah is the real truth." Well here is their Tanakah text and some utilities http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Tanakah_vs_OT/files/u0100.htm so you can see through their farce.
You think I just say all of this because I am an Arab? I guess I have to fess up, here is a pic of me and my camel Clyde.
Knowing Hebrew is a joke, only valued by those ignorant of translation ... Yiddish is the equivalent of Ebonics
It is my assertion that the first Church and Christians were Arabs
Who has deceived would be Christians into vile hate against Arabs? What did Christ himself have to say about Arabs... at the bottom of this web page.
They were first called Christians at Antioch.. and of course THEY were Arabs
The Galatians were among the first Christians who existed at the time of Christ
About 300 years before the first middle Europeans became Christians the Damascus Syria Christians / Church existed
Egyptian Christians, How many years did Christ live in Egypt before returning to Israel
The Ephesians Christians were Turks
Why Muslims n Christians waste their time and how all can benefit. Contains some nasty language
************** Family
You think I just say all of this because I am an Arab? I guess I have to
Genealogy of Joseph is given, not Christ
Jesus King of the Jews? What did Christ say about that?
Jesus descendant of David. That is not what Christ said.
One of the apostles of Christ was a Canaanite?
False Jew Intro
Real 'Jews' comparing faces
How could you hate a Jew, when they were not Jews in the first place?
Where were the Israelites scattered. Anthropology and the flight of Refugees
Faces of Euro frauds
Racism against Jews, Oh yeah what race would that be?
From Africa to America. Not evolution, mixed breeding.
Scriptures proving some Israelites were white, in a pigs eye
Europeans vs. Non Europeans
How you know they couldn't be Israelites
How many Arab / Negro faces did you see in WW2 films?
The natives of Windover
DNA proof of being an Israelite descendant, the Y Chromosome. The farce of proving one is a descendant of the Israelites by genetics.
There are diseases exclusive to Jews proving they are descendants of the Israelites. What is a Jewish disease?
Type written records, family tree data bases are a joke
The chain can not be broken, not one broken link
Western Europeans vs. Chinese
Jews by mother, then Jews could not exist
Jews by father, how many of your grandpas aren't grandpas at all
Success of Jews prove they are descendants of Israelites.. giggle
No one becomes a Jew through adoption
Becoming a Jew through circumcision of the heart.. tee hee
Spiritual, Grafted, Adoption, Messianic .. silly stuff about becoming a Jew
Ruth the Moabite, never converted to Judaism nor was she allowed in the congregation
Jews are descendants of Judah farce
I am *PART Jewish. Who but an idiot says or believes such stupid things. They can't be part Jew and they are not the descendants of the Israelites
European cult playing Israelites
The false Jew cult tells us the Israelite descendant descendants just started mixing in the last century. The cult exposed by their own scriptures.
The cult calling themselves Jews are only a racist cult of Europeans who are descendants of the Babelites
What is the difference between 'Jews' and / Christian Identity
Breeding is like spreading VD
Goofy Tracks his family tree
You can track all Israelites to their roots in the scriptures. All of them were descendants of the native Arabs of the middle east. Here is a comparison.
Jews of Yemen are not the ancestors of these pretend Jews of Europe
No such things as Ethiopian Jews exist
Everyone who pretends to follow Judaism is the anti christs
By the scriptures, anthropology, archeology what we can prove. If you have had an anthropology class in college, read this think about it then sit back and giggle.
SUCKING UP TO HITLER'S NEPHEW n the Inspector general
Israelites were a pot luck of Arabs and a pinch of Africans
Egyptian vs. pretend Jews
How Arabs n Africans migrated to Europe and fell into a bucket of white paint
Jews n Arabs are cousins ... NOT
KHAZARS N SEPHARDIC JEWS, not descendants of the Israelites, just European converts
Family trees - How many grandparents have you had
Those who call themselves Jews are like the little mongrel who thought he was a great Dane
Anthropology study of the Bounty that proves the cult of pretend Jews are brainwashed Lemmings or liars
Anthropology pattern of families
Blonds were not native to China or any place on earth except Europe
Anthropology study of sculls to reconstruct the faces of people proves the cult of Europeans are not the descendants of the Israelites. If you have had an anthropology course, check this one out
Me an European vs. Arab. All Israelites were a mix of the people of the middle east so what is wrong with this picture of those calling themselves Jews?
MOUSEKETEERS n JEWS, Israelites and Jews were NOT the same thing.
Family trees shared heritage. The bald face lies you can expose in the cult of false Jews. Simply see if you can get them to reply to these questions in a public form.
Why you can't tell a 'Jew' from other Europeans
Anne Franke n family, a pot luck of Europeans
The Nazis couldn't catch 'Jews' with forged papers, because they were Europeans, not natives of the middle east.
If you are Christ then you are Abraham's seed Galat 3-28. That excludes everyone who professes to follow Judaism.
If you work with figures and have a logical mind, calculate the number of Israelites that exist and what their population rate was.
Aryans not white, Europeans not Aryans. The ancestors of the Iranians / Gypsies hung out with the Israelites and bred with them.
Living in Europe .. breeding with Europeans does not mutate all descendants of the middle east into white face Europeans
Gypsies from the middle east and "Jews" who are supposed to be from the middle east.. why the "Jews" all look like the rest of the Europeans?
Being a small % of the population and 2000 years does not turn all your descendants into milk face Europeans
Ever look at all the "Jews" in the Nazi prison camps.. especially when they are naked.. all have the colors of Casper the ghost.
Being brown or black does not mean your ancestors were Israelites BUT if all of your family members, generation after generation look like the rest of the Europeans, your ancestors are not from outside of Europe
Family pick the 'Jews' out from the rest of the Europeans and the Arabs
How Arabs and Africans migrated into Europe, fell into a flower barrel and all came out white Anglo Saxons
************* Israelite directory
Anti Semite farce
Isaac was a Canaanite, Moses was an Egyptian. Nationality defined .
The flood was world wide. E every living person is from Noah's sons
Abraham, Isaac and everyone on earth until Jacob had his first son, was a gentile. God too is a gentile
Laws of fighting
Rasputin n Pat Robertson, subtle deceivers who's puppets are kept
l400701 Matthew 7 Judge not
l431022 Hanukah
Koran vs. Talmud & Many foolish Christians suck up to those they believe to be Jews, so I guess they should compare the Koran of Muslims with the Talmud (of those they suck up to
Mishna, the oral laws given to Moses
Talmud? So good little Christians support those calling themselves Jews? Here is what the holy book of the Jews has to say about Christians and Christ. ( some of this is quite nasty if you are easily offended)
Rabbinical Judaism or the worship of Blabbis. As they concoct their own BS they create studies to worship themselves.
Jewish traditions has nothing to do with Judaism. Jewish traditions is BS concocted by Blabbis and taught to their idiots as being the commands of God.
The 7 Noahide laws
Laws of oppressing strangers, widows, orphans, the poor
*************** Map Index
Map Index
The Garden of Eden is in Iraq. Adam, Noah, Shem, Eber, Abraham all who's land of nativity is what is called Iraq by our present day identification
*************** Palestinian Promise land Index
The Promise Land not given to 'the Jews' but given to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob... and yes by the scriptures we can prove they were all Arabs. Here is the evolving events of the Promise Land.
No such thing as a Palestinian, what is their land
Palestinians use their children? Hmmm ok we need to look at the evil Palestinians and the righteous finger pointers who mock the Palestinians.
Palestinian Home Land 01
Middle East Politics and the Media crack lickers of the party mob bosses
Compensating Arab land owners. Unless they know they stole their land why would they do that and how stupid would the Palestinians be?
After the NY attack out party mob bosses say Israel is right because a
Suicide bombers. What they are and how to stop a suicide bomber.
Bombs for Palestinians
No such thing as Palestine or a Palestinian
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