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when you care enough to shut down the very best

Oh yippee, the Indymedia freaks are coming after me!

The Far-Right is targeting Indymedia with slander and threats of censorship. We need to shut down these extreem rightwing threats! Overload their servers, Far right sites, of the Zionazi variety, are planning on undermining Indymedia with slander and lies. The main culprits is a right-wing operator running a site called "A Small Victory" (see link below). The gameplan is to censor Indymedia by claiming (lying) that Indymedia censors. Yes Indymedia removes trash from far-right freepers who spam Indymedi with filthy jewpropganda. But that is not censorship! See this link and help us shut down this site:


What a fabulous birthday present. Thanks, moonbats!


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Ooh, you're important now. Wheee!
Would you prefer that I be an incoherent pro-Michele zealot or an incoherent anti-Michele zealot for the day? My birthday present to you. :D

Damn. I wanna be a Zionazi Jewpropgandist (sic)...

Hey Chele, you're a culprit! Actually, not just a culprit but a main culprit. Mom & Dad must be so proud.

Michele... a zionazi... hahahahaha... wow, my sides are splitting from that one.

Actually my favourite part is "Target's Indymedia". I didn't know Target had an Indymedia site! I try to avoid Indymedia (for obvious reasons), but is this post sufficiently normal for us not to think it a troll?

So, Indymedia is going to prove they don't censor by shutting down sites that don't agree with them?!?

A Zionazi? Where do I sign up?

Who the hell are these people? "filthy jewpropganda"? Damn. Whip out the hoods and sheets, Indymedia!

Wow, I think that twit defines moonbat!

You don't censor but you do remove anything you judge to be zionazi or right wing? You don't see a contradiction here? Show us all of it so we can read and decide for ourselves.

Now you're on at the main site, too.


What a bunch of nitwits. Please, don't think that all of us liberals (we liberals?) are this sort of howling at the moon nutbars.

I'm with Joseph. If any of these moonbats claim to be liberals, I will personally beat them with The Pitching Wedge of Truth and Justice.

You have been warned!!

PS- And I was SO looking forward to becoming a Zionazi Jewpropgandist. Damn; now EVERYONE will want to be one, and where is the fun in that??

As a representative of Michele's hosting company, I say:


Sheet I want to be a target of Indymedia too, I feel so left out :( This is a great honour, good to see you are proud of it. Might want to check your security defences though...I am sure Indymedia has some loyal hackers.

You must be doing something right (no pun intended) if Indymedia has their panties this twisted.

Is it just me or is that one of the most incoherrent paragraphs ever to appear in print?

Hehe - tries to imagine the fate in store for anyone stupid enough to deliberately piss Seki off, not to mention Michele

That paragraph you quoted is classic and clearly illustrates thier mental disease.

These wackos are beyond pathetic.

Keep up the good work , you have a great site!

Happy birthday to you! You always get the coolest presents.

I am another liberal in support of A Small Victory!

Down with the filthy Indymedia hate-mongers!


What more could you ask for your birthday. Other than an IV of good horror movies that is.

What will the moonbats do next? What a bunch of loons.

Man, are the birthday/anniverary fairies sprinkling you with extra presents or what?
Now it will be your birthday/anniversay/I became a Zionazi Jewpropgandist day. Wonder if Hallmark has a card for that....

Wow... Does this mean you made the big time now?

'ware Capt'n, Indymedia on the starboard bow... Phasers are locked and loaded! _

You're gonna have to change your name to A Big Victory

The Far-Right is targeting Indymedia with slander and threats of censorship.We need to shut down these extreem rightwing threats! Overload their servers,

So they say you trying to censor them and they respond by trying to censor you? UH HUH

So I just noticed that the Indymedia-DC HQ is just a few blocks from my home.

A flaming dog-poop tribute to you on your birthday just may be in order!

Now I just need a dog. Oh, wait-- instead of dog-poop, I'll get the transvestite crack-whores in that neighborhood to leave 'presents' on their doorstep!

Oh yippee, the Indymedia freaks are coming after me!

That might just be better than zombies!

Oh my my.

Followed the links, surprised to hear here characterized as a right-wing Web site, and Michele as a right-wing operator. I'm having trouble making the connection between a left-liberal web site called A Small Victory and the right wing :)

Oh. My. God. That has to be the funniest post I have seen in a long time. Such wit. Such style. Are you sure Dave Barry isn't writing for Indymedia now? Sorry, I have to go stitch up my split sides now.

Come clean, Michele. You had someone write this for your birthday, didn't you?

Michele, I know why I love you now - it's because you are 2 EXTREEM! Well, that and the ass-slapping.

What a bunch of idiots.

I suspect that the original article was doctored to attract a more literate audience. A little research turned up the original version of the article here.

This site is far-right? Huh, I never would have guessed. Then again, I didn't think it was possible to unite the words Nazi and Zion either. Who are these people, and why do we have to share this planet with them? That just seems so. . .unfair.

Warring against you myself is no fun now that you have the moonbats after you.

How can I get them to hate me too?

Christ it's like throwing kerosene at a candle...

They're coming for your braaaaaaaaiiins Michele! Braaaaaiiiinnnns!

n: OF course it's possible to unite "zion" and "nazi".

For instance: "Nazis were thrown into Zion canyon", or "Dem Nazis gon' leav' Zion, Jah!"

See? It's easy!

I see they called you a "Right Wing Operator". I say its more of a "Smooth Operator". (A little Sade on your birthday...even though that's J's thang, not yours) Have a good b'day/anniversary.

You can truly tell a persons caliber by the loathsomeness of their enemies. You just went up about 10 points on my Cool-o-meter Michele (and you were pretty high up there as it was).
Oh yeah, Happy B-day!

You have nothing to fear from those who think "jewpropganda" is a word.

To Indymedia's credit, they usually do not erase the conservative articles I post. They go ape and call me every name under the sun, but they don't erase the articles. It's alot of fun to watch the indymidiots go ape.

What a moron. Everyone knows it "jewpraganda" not jewpropganda...Oh wait that that's the mythical goat/wolf monster from Mexico. Never mind.

As nutty as these ultraliberal moonbats are ya gotta admit that 'Zionazi' is a cool looking word and would score great in Scrabble. I kept hoping it could be morphed into a palindrome.

By the way, what's their deal with Jews? It seems that calling you a Zionazi and then going round and bashing Jews just makes their argument that much less cogent. (Not that it was to begin with.)

Bob SF, you can't use Zionazi in Scrabble because there's only one "z" available.

Re: Stetl G. and the word "jewpraganda"

Ah! Someone else know of the fearsome mexican zionist "jewpacabra."


Before the Antizionazi Liberation Front shuts down your server and prevents your ability to post your opinion -- in the name of free speech, no less -- I'd just like to remind you that if a man is defined by the enemies he makes, you have much to be proud of.

Jewbacca! What a wookie!

....are you sure Indymedia isn't some parody site? ;)

Just noticed they didn't even point to your blog correctly, but to an archive item. These are the people who think they should be leading the rest of us?

If Indymedia hates you, you must rock!

I saw much of this in Georgia amongst "right-wing" "Republicans" when Ralph Reed ran for state chairman in 2001. They slammed every single Republican e-mail list with tons of spam stating untrue lies about Reed's opponent. All the while, Reed denied any involvement in this slanderous part of the elect Ralph Reed campaign. What a bunch of good Christian people, huh?

It gets even worse when you learn that the majority of these people are not even Republicans. They by and large refuse to join the Republican Party. They simply vote in Republican primaries and vote in Republican conventions.

They become quite angry too, if you seriously query them about why they do not want to join the Republican Party. I guess they see no need to.

"filthy jewpropaganda"? Wow. They get worse all the time over there on Indymedia. (Shudder.)

As funny as "jewpropganda," is, I think it's sad that they're consciously (or unconsciously?) parroting the clipped, monosyllabic abbreviation so commonly used in the Soviet Union to denote official organs -- Comintern, Politburo, and countless others.

This is the same bureaucratic language that was so effectively parodied in 1984 with Newspeak and in Master and Margarita -- "MASSOLIT," etc.

But I thought the Soviet Union wasn't "real communism," which has never been tried? So why are they emulating it?

Ugh. Keep it up, Michelle.