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a tale of two stories [that are the same story]

Most recent post on NYC Indymedia:

A Muslim woman is under arrest and the media is lying to us again.

Ayesha Akter, a Muslim woman, is in New York police custody, under arrest for defending herself from a violent attack. The police say Ayesha used a cleaver to kill a woman named Farida Begum. There is no information on Farida's religion, but some have said that she was a Jew.

Akter was charged yesterday with second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon. The Muslim community demands that Ayesha be freed.

Article in Newsday, that I read at 6am this morning:

A woman with a history of mental illness allegedly hacked her elderly mother-in-law to death with a meat cleaver after the mother-in-law refused to give her rice, saying it would make the daughter-in-law fat, police said.

Ayesha Akter, 32, is undergoing psychiatric evaluation after she was arrested in connection with the attack on her mother-in-law, Farida Begum, with a meat cleaver about 7:40 p.m. Saturday. Begum was repeatedly hit in the head, chest and legs and lost a finger in the savage assault, police said.

I don't even know what to say at the disparity between the Newsday story and the version that Indymedia is showing. I guess that Indy poster spent a good deal of energy jumping to conclusions this morning. Watch the post disappear into the netherworld of Indymedia when someone checks the facts.


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The Indymedia server appears to be down. I wonder if Muslims attacked it.

You have generated a response:


Haha, that's classic. I wonder if they have a clue as to where my political leanings go? Haha.

Indymedia - where the nutcases that are too extreme even for the nuts on the far left end up to spout their deranged ramblings.

That really is disgusting. Isn't there enough conflict between Muslims and Jews without creating more?

That is what the future of America offers us?

Indymedia does have some comic value. I myself, and a few others besides, will occasionally post conservative articles on their main web site. The responses are always mean spirited and sometimes amusing. It's a fun way to kill a lunch hour. I especially like the ones who claim I'm part of some CIA conspiracy to attack their website and 'blank out the truth'. They do think highly of themselves.

"I especially like the ones who claim I'm part of some CIA conspiracy to attack their website and 'blank out the truth'. They do think highly of themselves. "

I think that's also a clue as to their politics.

"Leftists" tend to think of themselves as rulers. Power is what it's all about for them.