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this day in history

Sure, it's also Sean Connery's birthday, but I have better people to share my day with than a crusty old mysogynist actor, or a crusty old mysgoynist member of Kiss, for that matter.

There's Elvis Costello and Rollie Fingers. And, on a lesser known note, Oddibe McDowell, who was born on the exact same day as me, and Bill DeLargo, who was one of my most favorite hockey players ever, if not for his play than for the fact that he had the same birthday as me.

By far my favorite birthday twin is Tim Burton, whose creations have a special place in our DVD collection, filed under, of course, Tim Burton masterpieces. No, Planet of the Apes is not there.

This day in history:

Paris was liberated (1944), Truman Capote died (1984), and New Orleans was founded (1718).

Boston released their first album (1976), Aaliyah died in a plane crash (2001), as did Samantha Smith (1985). Mark McGwire hit his first major league home run (1986).

On the day I was born (1962), bread was 21 cents a loaf, minimum wage was $1.15 and a stamp cost four cents.

People were reading A Clockwork Orange and Silent Spring, were listening to Sherry by the Four Seasons and watching Gregory Peck in To Kill A Mockingbird.

And, of course, on this day in 2002, I married Justin. Happy anniversary, baby. [see the two posts below this one for the treacly love stuff]


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Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! Hope you're celebrating in style today.

Happy everything!

Happr birthday and anniversary!

Happy happy birthdanniversary! Or anniversarthday. No, the first one sounds better, in the way that bagpipes sound better than Michael Moore yammering.

Big hugs to you guys!

Happy birthday and Anniversary, Michele! Hope you have a fantabulous day! :)

Happy Birthday and Anniversary!

Perhaps one of Chris Bermans all time best nicknames: Oddibe "Young Again" McDowell.

Congratulations to you both!! Have a drink or two for us, will you? Remember, the party isn't over until someone throws up on the neighbor's poodle....

I hope you have the most wonderful day. Happy birthday, Happy Anniversary. Love you.

Have a wonderful celebration!

Happy Birthday! Rollie Fingers was such a joy to watch. He was a Milwaukee Brewer for part of his career. He invented the Gunslinger Walk to the mound. Prior to him the pitcher would ride from the bullpen to home plate. Rollie would walk from the bullpen in right center with this gunfight on main st. menace to give the batter a little time to sweat about what was comming. Sweet.

Happy Anniversary, both birth and marriage. Have fun.

Happy birthday and anniversary to yoooooooou!

happy birthday to you... you are about three days older than I am!

Happy Tim Burton day!

Yipee..maybe we can lobby for a state holiday so we can be off and reflect on it

Happy birthdayversary.

happy birthday

Happy birthday and anniversary!

Happy Double Day! And for your amusement, a silly picture of Rollie Fingers:


Even if he was an A, how can you dislike a man who has the chutzpah to wear a mustache like that? It's smashing!

long-time fan, michele

now i discover you're 1 year and 1 day younger than me. (aug 24, 1961)

cool. happy birthday.
we're 1 year closer to death.

Happy birthday to you Michele! And congratulations on your 1-year anniversary too!

It's my birthday too!!!

A thousand congratulations to you both.

Happy Birthday!
Happy Anniversary!

I just watched Futurama and Family Guy in your honor!

Just for you on this very special day... CLICK HERE.

HaPPy BiRthDay and AnnIverSarY!

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! =D

Oddibe McDowell? Rollie Fingers? Piffle!

Happy birthday and anniversary, all at once! (How clever of you, dahling...)

happy happy
to you to you
(and Justin too)

Happy birthday and happy anniversary!

One day late, dammit, but the sentiment is all there: Happy annivirthday.