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obligatory virus post

I've developed a new hobby in regards to this email virus going around: email address watching.

The way the virus spreads like a spider web through the address books of email users means that it eventually will come crawling back into your mailbox via the contacts of other people. Like the old commercial - and she tells a friend, and she tells two friends...

I've received the re:wicked screensaver email, as well as at least a dozen variation of that header from people at Fox News, the New York Times, several universities, Honest Reporting, Music Match and many other well-known websites or media outlets.

I lost count of the amount of bloggers whose address book has sent out hundreds of emails to me; apparently I am also spamming myself, but I have done the good samaritan thing and deleted the entire contents of the Contact list in my copy of Outlook. I would suggest you all do the same. And if you emailed me and are waiting for a reply, it's probably safe to assume that your email got mixed in with the 700 wicked screensaver emails I delete a day. Please make your headers clear that your email is disease free, thank you.

Anyhow, I can always claim later on that I received emails from several famous people - I don't have to mention anything about that email being nothing more than a virus, right?

On another technical note, I have forgiven Google for installing its new toolbar without asking me if I wanted to update. I am very impressed with its capabilities.

Oh, and Natalie just called from the road somewhere in Connecticut. My mother's car broke down. They're being towed to a rent-a-car place where they will proceed with the trip to Boston eventually. I didn't want to alarm Natalie or the other occupants of the two-car caravan, but I know it's all the evil cross-eyed girl's fault.


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Much better solution: USE EUDORA!

Or, use a mac and have fewer friends. :-)

bryan, are you implying causality there? :)

It would make everyones life much simpler if people just got an antivirus program or at least scanned for viruses on symantec.com. I scan, clean and defrag my drive, run adaware and delete unnecessary programs once a week. Not a single virus in 4 years.

I apparently get so much virus e-mail my service provider sent me a friendly note saying the virus screener/killer would no longer notify me about killed bugs in order to reduce my incoming volume.

So I use Mozillamail and I've never actually been infected, but apparently my address gets spoofed anyway, dammit.

Using Microsoft Eudora allows your computer to have unprotected sex with every e-mail you open.

Using Microsoft Internet Explorer allows your computer to have unprotected sex with every web page you visit.

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